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Are there benefits to group exercise?

Are there benefits to group exercise?

Group workouts are becoming hot on the 2014 gym scene. So, what’s in it for you?

  • Safe and effective workouts. When you exercise alone you can’t ever be sure you’re doing the moves right. A class instructor generally checks everyone’s form to ensure safety and maximum benefits.
  • No knowledge required. Don’t know much about gyms or machines? No worries! At group workout classes the structure is all taken care of. All you need to do is turn up. Perfect for beginners.
  • Great workout choice. There are boisterous workouts like Zumba or spinning. Quieter classes such as yoga and Pilates. Like a challenge? Try an outdoor boot camp exercise class. And don’t forget HIIT, circuits, kickboxing, and kettle bells. Quite simply, there’s a fitness flavour for everyone.
  • Social support. People lacking in confidence are often motivated to get fit by starting group workouts with a friend. Once you’ve started, the support and camaraderie from others is hugely motivating. In fact, group exercise releases endorphins which could even get you mildly addicted to your workouts.  Plus, the fact that everyone will notice your absence means you’ll probably keep showing up! 
  • Interesting and motivating. If boredom sometimes stops you exercising, group workouts will help. The wide range of classes means there’s also different music, instructors, environments, intensity levels and participants.
  • Challenging. Group workouts motivate you to keep going, even when you’re ready to give up. You will adopt a mindset of: ‘if they can do it, so can I’. Studies show more calories are burned in group classes, probably due to keeping up with everyone else.
  • Save time and money. Busy lifestyle? Some classes offer 30 or 45 minute classes. Furthermore, the consistent schedule of group workouts means you can often choose a class to suit your diary.
  • Fun. Quite simply, being active with other people is fun. It’s even proven to boost happiness. Go on.  It’s the closest you’ll get to feeling like a child again!

If you’re up for a bit of ‘social sweating’, check out what classes are offered at your local gyms. Join in the fun!