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6 Must-Do Gym Exercises & How to Stick to Them

6 Must-Do Gym Exercises & How to Stick to Them

With your gym day pass, you’ll probably want to try out all the available facilities and really work out what’s best for you – that leaves you with a lot of choice! While everyone has different fitness goals, these 6 exercises are must-dos while the gym’s equipment is available to you!


1. The Total Elliptical

Target: cardio with upper body involvement

Gyms see this all time: people come in, do 20 minutes of cardio, and get out. While this is an ok workout, you can make more of those 20 minutes by using a total elliptical that gets your arms working, too. By using your full body, you’ll burn more calories and work more muscles!


2. Bench Press

Target: firm and strong upper body

Mixing the bench press into your gym routine will ensure that you hit your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Be sure to change up the angle while working on this machine. By alternating between incline, flat and decline, you’ll work different parts of your muscles make more fitness progress.


3. Squats

Target: overall body strength, core improvement

It’s true that you can do squats anywhere. But moving your squatting to the gym can help you improve your fitness even more. First, learn to squat perfectly with just your bodyweight. Then move on to the goblet, back, or front weighted squat. The trainers at the gym can help you get perfect form!


4. HIIT Circuit

Target: cardio and strength improvement

While not a particular machine, incorporating HIIT into your gym routine will create amazing results. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. Alternate between an intense 30 seconds of cardio and then a low-intensity 60 seconds of another exercise.

You can incorporate this on many different types of equipment. Try an X-trainer, a recumbent bike, or elliptical for your HIIT exercises.


5. Row

Target: work back, stabilise core

Using a slow and controlled movement, use rowing to work your back and biceps. This compound exercise will also hit your core, making it a great all-around exercise to fit into any routine. Vary the speed of your movement over time to work more areas of your body.


6. The Heavy Weights

Target: building your fast muscle fibres

While large weights can be intimidating to new gym users, these muscles are essential for helping to build up your fast lifting strength in addition to improving the strength of your hips and spine. Ask a pro at the gym to teach you how, and join in the heavy weights club – it’s not just for bodybuilders.


You’ve got your routine, what now?

Why is it so difficult to stick to an exercise plan? With a flexible gym membership you only pay for what you use. Even so, sticking to your decisions can be a challenge for all of us. So what are the best ways to keep focused on your fitness goals?


1. Make It A Group Affair

Many people find it easier to stick to an exercise routine when they are not the only person trying to keep to it.

Joining an app where you can connect with other people exercising or joining a weekly group run are great ways to get other people involved in your fitness plans.

A huge part of keeping to an exercise routine is staying motivated. It’s easy to lose motivation, but having other people who are also trying to stick to an exercise plan around you can make it easier to rediscover and stick to your plans. Use your fitness buddies to push and encourage yourself to keep working hard.


2. Be as flexible as your membership

With a flexible gym membership you really can be flexible, utilising different facilities, attending a variety of classes and trying out different gyms and gym locations. Well, variety is the spice of life, and this can really help you have fun and stick to your goals.

From treadmills to free weights to classes, there’s a huge variety of fitness options available to you once you are a flexible gym member. The fitness world is there for the taking!


3. Plan Your Exercises

It’s easy to put off exercising because you aren’t sure how to fit it into your day. This is why many people make fitness goals only to have them fall by the wayside within just a few months.

Plan out how you can fit fitness into your day. Are you able to get up 30 minutes earlier and go for a quick jog in the morning? Or can you take a brisk walk on your lunch break? Look for a variety of different locations where you can put your routines into practice and find out which ones work best for you.

Plan for a fitter future, and it will be yours!

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Andreas Dahlgren

Strength training enthusiast who also has a knack for creative writing..