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6 Cardio-Based Bodyweight Exercises

6 Cardio-Based Bodyweight Exercises

Love it or hate it, cardio is necessary for the best conditioned body and a healthy approach to life.

If you’re not into running and don’t want to jump on a treadmill, then one way of upping your cardio is working in some cardio-based bodyweight exercises into your routine. The following exercises not only boost your cardio but add to your weight training regime.

Try adding these 6 bodyweight moves to your workouts:


Hold your core in tight and stand with your feet a hip’s width apart. Bend down from the waist and put your hands on the floor, then walk them forward with your leg’s straight. Reach the high plank position and then walk your hands backwards to standing.


Mountain Climber Twist

Get into a high plank position and hold in your core. Lift your left knee into your right elbow and then your right knee into your left elbow. Alternate as quickly as possible, as you would with standard mountain climbers, but be sure to maintain your position.


High Knees

OK so you don’t like running but short high impact bursts of running on the spot with your knees high can be a better middle ground. Keep your feet a hip’s width and run on the spot, making sure you get your knees up as high as possible.



Skaters or ice skaters can take a little practice and coordination but they get that heart pumping really fast. Begin with your feet a hip’s width apart and bend your knees slightly. Jump to your right with your right foot, landing lightly on the ball and with the left foot swept behind. Then alternate sides and keep alternating as quickly as possible.


Squat Jump

All the power of the classic squat with the added power of a jump. Begin by performing the perfect squat and as you reach the top jump up high extending your legs fully and pushing your arms down to further your momentum. As you land drop straight back down into a squat. Remember to keep your back straight and your chest forward.


Classic Burpee

Nothing says cardio like a set of hardcore burpees. Easily slotted in at the end of a session and a great way of ensuring you train to fatigue, burpees can undo the need for that treadmill run. Begin with your feet a hip’s width apart and hold your core in tight. Jump straight up high and then drop to the floor, with your hands down straight and your feet jumped back, into a high plank position. Propel yourself back up and ensure you keep those burpees as explosive as you can handle.



the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.