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5 steps to endurance event success

5 steps to endurance event success

So you’ve decided to push yourself with a big endurance event, such as those suggested here. With your event chosen, it is time to start working on training for the big day.

Endurance events are a classic case of the old adage ‘fail to prepare – prepare to fail’. So how do you prepare for success?

Step 1
Decide what you need to improve
. The event that you choose will affect your fitness programme. For instance, obstacle racing will need you to build upper body strength as well as general endurance and distance work. So you may need to implement a 6 week training schedule.

Step 2
Make a
realistic training schedule. Build in rest days and any other commitments. Tailor the plan to suit you; if you know you will only get to the gym in the morning, schedule the session for that time.       

Step 3
Vary your training.
Plans such as the military fitness obstacle workout show that you need to look at all aspects of your fitness for the event.

Step 4
Stick to the schedule
, and that includes maintaining the all-important rest days. These are essential to build muscle and strength. Make sure you get some fresh air and sunshine.

Step 5
Don’t get obsessed
– make time to keep up with your social life, don’t be an event hermit. Who knows, your friends may even decide to get involved!

Now that you've got your plan, it's time to hit the gym!