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5 reasons to move your exercise inside this autumn

5 reasons to move your exercise inside this autumn

By Katherine Webb

Baby, it’s cold outside. After long summer days, the darker, colder evenings can dampen your enthusiasm for exercise. That’s when the comfort of a gym can save your exercise routine.

Here are 5 reasons for taking your exercise indoors this autumn:

1. Try something new

A brand new season is a whole new reason to try something new. What about Piloxing, Tabata or Crossfit? Gyms often start new classes in the autumn so it’s a great time to look out for anything else too. Use a gym pass to try out different workouts and keep your exercise routine fresh into the autumn.

2. Avoid autumn weather

There are three undeniable truths about autumn. It will rain. It will be darker. You will be tempted to forgo the outdoor run for that new autumn TV drama. That’s when the habit of using a gym will make the difference between a successful workout plan and one which falls to the ground like an autumn leaf.

3. Consistent training for an autumn event

A new challenge makes a big difference to your exercise motivation. But shorter days and bad weather can mess up outdoor training plans. Using a gym gives you a reliable training place to ensure you’re completely ready for that event. 

4. Train for a new season of sport

New seasons of football, rugby and other sports mean plenty of people use gyms to tailor their training again. Intensive cardio such as HITT combined with resistance training is ideal for this and much easier to do with indoor gym equipment.

5. Create good habits before winter

If you want to be in good shape Christmas, start now! Ok, it’s a long time away but don’t you want to enjoy your mince pies guilt-free this year?