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5 of the best arm workouts

5 of the best arm workouts

It's worth toning and shaping your arms, they are often on show. Your strength will be greatly improved too - trust us you will notice the difference!

First, remember the three important points about working those arms; anatomy, weights and reps.


As with all fitness programmes, arm workouts are a matter of balancing muscles. Most people know about their biceps, but you also need strong triceps for balance and appearance. There’s plenty to do for your forearms as well to add tone and strength.

This article has more detail on arm muscles – there’s lots going on which most of us take for granted!


The more weight you use, the bigger the muscle you’ll need to lift them. Patience is the way forward, because starting with too-large weights risks injury. Gradual weight increase will bulk up those muscles. If you don’t want bigger muscles, don’t worry – stay with light weights but increase the repetitions to add more tone.


The right combination of reps and weights is the key to the results you want. As you grow stronger, you need to up the repetitions to keep challenging your muscles.

Armed with this knowledge, here are five workout moves guaranteed to banish wobble and get those guns going.


These are a classic to firm up or build those biceps. A short video on proper bicep curl technique will show you all you need to know. Adjust weights or reps as you like.

2.     TRICEPS

Ask for the cable machine at the gym and give these tricep cable extensions a go. They look easy but will give good results with patience.


The shoulder press machine is perfect for adding strength and definition. Here is a quick guide to shoulder presses.  Don’t forget to adjust the machine as shown.


Be careful here; it is quite easy to strain elbows with too much forearm work. Hand exercisers that you squeeze are great for increased grip strength and hence defined forearms. Really easy to fit into a spare five minutes, too!


They may not be part of your arms, but your pecs are essential for support of your upper body. Here are some moves for building a body builder chest, and also the classic ‘I must, I must, improve my bust’ for the ladies.

As you see from the videos, this sequence does not have to take too long. So no excuses, work those arms!

the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.