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5 fitness tips you should never listen to

5 fitness tips you should never listen to

People are always willing to give advice on fitness, but someone else’s personal tips might not work for you. There are so many ‘rules’ to follow which add to the confusion.

Don’t panic, we’ve gathered some of the worst tips we’ve heard so you can cross them off your list right now.

1.Heavy Weights Add Bulk

This is a big concern for most women but completely untrue. While it’s true that lifting heavy things will add muscle, women do not have as much testosterone as men you will not end up looking like the cover of a bodybuilding magazine!

What you will get is a wonderfully toned appearance which develops as the fat that covered the muscle is reduced.

There are plenty of reasons why everyone should do strength training so make sure it’s of your routine.

2.Exercise Variety is Key to Building Strength

Some fitness trainers believe that constantly switching around exercises is the key to building muscle. This is called muscle confusion theory.  But you don’t need to change your workouts regularly – you will see plenty of gains if you find something that works for you and then add intensity (reps, distance, weight).

Of course, you might like to try something new, but don’t do it for the sake of avoiding a fitness plateau as it almost certainly won’t work.

3.There’s a Perfect Squat Technique

Many fitness experts say there’s an ideal way to perform the squat and will demonstrate how to line up your knees and toes and how to position your chest. But there are lots of different ways of doing lunges and squats.

The technique you choose should depend on your aim.  Are you aiming to strengthen the tops of your thighs or seeking inner thighs of steel?

4.There’s An Ideal Weight For Your Body Type

Many people are convinced there’s an ideal weight for them and work hard to achieve it. But no decent workout program should ever specify how much you should weigh. Remember, every body is unique. What feels good for you might be different for someone else, even if they are the same height.

5.Workout Classes Are Suitable For Everyone

Many fitness instructors encourage all abilities to try out new classes, and whilst it’s admirable to aim high, some workouts are simply not designed for beginners. Without proper instruction appropriate to your level you are risking injury. So make sure you talk to the teacher first to know if it’s suitable.


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Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for Hussle. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.