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Want to feel more confident on the beach? Do this bikini body workout three times a week and you will be dropping that towel and proudly parading your body along the sand.

Each exercise trains at least three major muscle groups. Do each exercise twice, and you should be done in 15 minutes.

1.      FRONT LIFT

  • Holding a pair of 2lb dumbbells, stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms hanging by your sides.
  • Lift your arms straight up, raising your right leg straight up from the hip. Keep lifting as high as you can until your leg is at right angles to the floor.
  • Hold for 2 seconds, then slowly lower down into a front lunge.


  • Lower into the lunge, lifting both arms outwards to the sides until they are level with your shoulders.
  • Hold for 2 seconds, then raise back up to standing position.
  • Continue for 10 reps on each leg. Watch that wobble!

3.      BACK PLANK

  • Sit with your legs straight out, hands placed behind you with fingers pointing towards your backside.
  • Squeeze your abs and press into your hands as you lift up your hips forming a straight line along your ankles to chest.
  • Try to keep the balls of your feet on the floor.
  • Hold for 2 seconds, then lower to starting position. Do 10 reps in total.


  • Sit with bent knees holding a pair of dumbbells straight out into front of you.
  • Lean back, lifting bent knees until your shins are parallel to the floor. Balance for 5 seconds.
  • Keeping your shape, roll back a further 4 inches and hold another 5 seconds.
  • Squeeze your abs and roll back up to starting position.
  • Repeat 10 times, keeping your feet off the floor at all times.


  • Lie on your front clasping hands behind your back (or you can hold a dumbbell).
  • Bend your knees to create a 90 degree angle with your shins.
  • Kick your heels to your glutes in two sharp kicks. Kick again, raising chest up and extending arms back above your glutes.
  • Straighten your legs and lift 2 inches higher, holding for 2 seconds. Return to starting to position.
  • Repeat 10 times.

If you are up to the challenge, follow this workout with a 15 minute cardio session to sculpt your body, burn even more calories and just feel great. Good choices are running, cycling, swimming, skipping or you could use a flexible gym pass for a quick cardio gym session,


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