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3 awesome exercises to burn stomach fat

3 awesome exercises to burn stomach fat

Post-Christmas diets are in full swing but the extra pounds gained thanks to over indulging might need a bit more of a shove.

Here are some key exercises you can do to help your middle get back to its normal size. If you’re strict with yourself, these moves will smash that stomach fat into oblivion, but beware – they are pretty brutal!

Super-charged push-ups

If you aren’t a fan of push-ups and find them particularly hard then it’s best to start this one on your knees rather than on your toes.

Begin as if you would a normal push-up and lower yourself down to the ground, but when you come back up make it explosive and clap your hands as you come up.

If you’re really fatigued then you can just aim to lift your hands off the floor at the top. This one is hard, but brings results.

Mountain climbers

A good one for core stability and working many muscles in the body, this one is pretty fast paced. Start in a high plank and with your hands under your shoulders then bring your right knee in towards your chest and alternate your legs as if you were running. Maintain a steady rhythm to get your pulse raised.


We still haven’t found anyone who loves burpees, but perhaps if you keep trying….?

Great for stomach fat-busting and for toning most muscles, there’s a reason they feel hard!

From a standing position take your hands to the floor, jump your feet out backwards so you are in plank position, jump them back towards your hands again and return to a standing position. Speed it up as fast as you can go and endure the burn for a sure-fire way to fight the fat!

the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.