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Would you pass a police fitness test?

Would you pass a police fitness test?

Think you’re fit? So did hundreds of police officers who failed a forces fitness test last week. So would you pass the official fitness test?

Police test

The police fitness test has two elements:

BLEEP TEST. Officially known as the endurance shuttle run. Two points are set 15 metres apart. You have to run to each point before the bleep, with the beeps getting progressively faster between each point. Four shuttles at level 5 (3.5 minutes) is required to pass. Dog handlers and firearms officers have to reach even higher levels of fitness.

DYNAMIC STRENGTH. This involves performing eight seated chest presses and five seated back pulls. The machine measures your average strength. You must push and pull 34kg and 35kg weights to pass. 

Think that's tough? Try the Royal Marines...

The Royal Marines test is one of the most difficult fitness tests in the world!

PRE JOINING TEST. You have to pass a test to even apply. First run 1.5 miles (2.4k) with the treadmill at 2% incline. This must be completed in under 12 minutes 30 seconds. Immediately afterwards run another 1.5 miles in less than 10 minutes.

2 DAY POTENTIAL ROYAL MARINES COURSE.  First repeat the above 3 mile split run. Next complete four gym tests:

  • Bleep test. A progressive shuttle run with lines 20 metres apart.
  • Press ups. In two minutes, do as many press ups as possible. Perform 60 for maximum points.
  • Sit ups. Two minutes of full sit ups. Do 80 for maximum points.
  • Pull ups. Eight decent pull ups (using momentum to help isn’t allowed!)

Other national fitness tests you could try are testmyfitness, the NHS fitness self assessment and Netfit. Don’t reach the fitness mark? Targets are a great motivation for improving fitness.  Start at the gym. Who knows where it could end?