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World Cup Workout. Why Football truly is a Sport for All

World Cup Workout. Why Football truly is a Sport for All

With the World Cup underway the whole country is feeling the football fever. But don’t just watch it on the telly, football is a sport which the whole family can enjoy and it has clinically proven health benefits for all.

A huge three-year research project looking at football was carried out by the University of Copenhagen. The project found the sport could be used as a treatment for lifestyle-related diseases, improving the mood of men (even more so than running) and helping women stay active. Below is a summary of the top reasons football is the perfect sport for all.

Health Benefits

Football helps get your heart rate up. You have to run, sprint and training involves drills which get the cardiovascular system going. Regularly getting stuck into cardio exercise is recommended to help reduce the risk of heart disease, bone diseases and also diabetes. It’s also great for weight loss with around 600 calories burnt in an hour of playing.

Fitness Benefits

Football also helps build your fitness skills including things such as agility and speed. Playing football helps train your body to be disciplined and as well as speed and agility, you can built up power as you practice tackling and defending.

Lifestyle Benefits

From a wider perspective football can be instrumental in helping to build skills for all elements of your life. Competitive football helps teach teamwork which can be used in school and in the workplace and it can also help build communication and leadership skills. These are key reasons it’s a great extra-curricular choice for kids.

Social Benefits

Similarly to the lifestyle benefits, there are huge social benefits to playing football. As you play football you’ll learn about disappointment and you’ll learn about good sportsmanship and taking criticism. These are essential skills for building social relationships and it is known for helping to stave off depression due to the strength of the social circles many footballers develop.

So whether you’re 8 or 80 now’s the time to get out in the garden and start practicing those skills.