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What Exercise suits your Body Type?

What Exercise suits your Body Type?

Choosing a form of exercise which works with your natural body type is the way to achieve the best results and avoid injury.

Here’s a look at the three main body types and the exercises which suit them best.


People with an ectomorph body type tend to be slim and lightweight and may find it hard to put on weight. People with lightweight frames and low body fat may find they have real success in distance and endurance based sports such as hill walking, triathlon and marathon running events.

It is important to keep your calorie count high as an ectomorph when working out, especially for endurance events, and slow release carbs are a top choice for ensuring your energy levels stay high as your body is primed to burn fuel much more quickly than average.

To build up muscle it is important to take things slowly and gradually if you have this body type and keep your training consistent.


Endomorph body types are heavier, more prone to high body fat and generally carry more weight. This kind of physique is naturally more powerful than that of the ectomorph.

It lends itself well to sports which rely on body weight and power such as weight lifting, wrestling and athletic throwing events like javelin and discus. Rugby too is a great fit for the endomorph.

Building muscle mass is easier for endomorphs as is building fat stores but it is very easy to see those fat levels boosted and health problems like heart disease can be around the corner as endomorphs age and they don’t keep up their fitness regime.


In between the two above is the mesomorph, sometimes described as the perfect athlete as mesomorphs have low body fat but also a muscular physique.

This kind of body lends itself one to power and strength based pursuits including 100m runs, sprint cycles, boxing and also weight lifting.

With natural power and no excess body fat, it is possible to excel in almost any sport with commitment and training.

This kind of body type responds equally well to resistance and cardio training and this means you can choose to get involved with endurance events but also involved in heavy contact sports.

Which body type are you?


the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.