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Top motivation tips

Top motivation tips

Living an active lifestyle is something we should all aim to do and if it’s a big change from your regular way of living then some significant effort may be needed. Finding the motivation for this effort can be are but there are some simple ways you can motivate yourself to move more and live a fitter, healthier and more active life.

Research from several leading schools in the study physical exercise and exercise psychology has found a number of ways to motivate yourself and boost your performance too. We’re taking a closer look below.

Turn It Up

Research from Brunel University has found that listening to the right music can reduce your perceived effort by up to 10%. Music tricks your body into thinking you’re working less hard than you are and there are a number of specialised playlists available through leading mp3 music providers online, especially tailored for exercise.

Always Track

Being able to look back on what you’ve done and keeping a track of the distance you’ve covered improves your performance significantly and will give you more confidence. Physically a boost in confidence can result in the release of even more energy reserves.  We’d even recommend buying a tracking device such as a running watch or heart rate monitor so you can always check how well you’re doing.

Pal Up

Advice from professional personal trainers suggests that you’ll get more out of your session if you rope in a training buddy. This doesn’t always need to be a professional but if you have someone to compete with as well as support you you’re more likely to push yourself a little bit harder.

Positive Thinking

Evidence in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine has found that negative thought processes can more than damage your performance. There is evidence which shows negative thinking can even lead to injuries so before every workout practice your positive mind set and ensure your body is ready to go but your mind is relaxed and focused. Being too on edge or stressed is not the best place to start if you’re planning a workout.

End on a High

A fast-finish workout trains you to push yourself to your limits and absolutely breakthrough your barriers to reach new goals. The more you work out the better results you will see and running or working out to the maximum of your ability to finish will fill your body full of endorphins and you’ll also begin to train yourself to overcome discomfort and fatigue towards the end of a workout. End on a high and then you’ll be more willing to work out the next day.

 Pack Mentality

If you can, join a class. A collective exercise group can be extremely motivating and a leading industry source has shown your body may even produce as much as twice the amount of endorphins when involved in group exercise. This could mean you join a running club or perhaps consider an exercise class at the gym – either way once you’ve overcome the self-consciousness that is inevitable you’ll be bound to have a great time and see great results.

Enjoy Compliments

It is hard to accept compliments for many people. It makes us feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. However, the Journal of Sport Sciences has found that direct, spoken encouragement is proven to result in increased efforts in exercise. You could ask a mate to push you as you train or you could consider investing in an app or other electronic device with a built in personal trainer speaker which will shout out encouragement when it measures you’re feeling the burn. Get used to feeling great and enjoying people’s praise and encouragement.

Getting motivated can be hard but you start you’ll soon to begin to enjoy it. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine and making it an essential part of your new active lifestyle. Once you begin to enjoy it you’ll never look back.