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The three step footballer workout for leg definition

The three step footballer workout for leg definition

You have to admire Suarez, even if you can’t bear to utter his name this morning. For leg strength and definition that the man himself would be proud of, working out like a footballer is the key.

Working your quads, adductors, hamstrings, and glutes, there are a key set of exercises to get your legs in the best shape. Follow these three simple exercises for legs to impress:

1. Squats:

Start by putting some pads or plastic plates under your heels to reduce pressure on your patellar tendon. Using a barbell resting on your upper back, squat down until your bum is level with your knees. Once you’ve reached this position, lift quickly over one second and do six reps without a rest. Squats will enhance the strength in your lower limbs and help to keep you injury free when you’re on the field.

2. Walking Lunges:

Holding two dumbbells, one in each hand, and holding them to your sides, keep your spine straight and take some ludicrously giant strides making sure your trailing knee finishes level with the trailing ankle. Go for 12 of these one after the other, and make sure you’ve got enough space to complete the full amount of reps! Lunges will improve explosive speed, as footballers are constantly speeding up and jumping off a single leg throughout their match.

For a killer arm workout at the same time, hold the dumbbells up by your ears as you lunge.

3. Dumbbell Squats:

Hold a dumbbell at each side and lift your heels again using plates or pads. Keep your pace quick and complete 25 squats one after the other. It should take you no longer than a second to get down low, and you have to rise at a similar rate. These will boost your endurance, giving your muscles that much needed stamina in order for you to stand the test of a full match.

Instead of dwelling on our dwindling chances of scraping through to the next stage of the World Cup, turn your attention to your own body. Anyway, it’s not all over…yet. Come on Italy. (Did we really just say that?)