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The three key steps to achieving prime motivation

The three key steps to achieving prime motivation

By Bethan Townsend

Motivation is the key to sporting successWithout motivation, there would be very little athletic achievement. What would sportspeople have to compete for if they weren’t motivated to do so? To become the best you can possibly be, you have to find your motivation and use this to push yourself to your absolute limits.

Why Motivation Matters

Motivation is integral to your success because it is the only influence on your sports performance that you’re in control of. The three main elements that come into play during a performance are:

  • Ability – dependent on your natural strengths, your physicality and your technical and tactical skills
  • Competition – the strength of those you are competing against plays a key role as well as other uncontrollable factors such as weather or temperature
  • Motivation – your motivation heavily impacts your performance. You can exercise a great deal of control over your motivation and this can influence how you perform, how you prefer and how much you want to win.

Find your Prime Motivation

Prime motivation is a state in which athletes are able to put 100% of their time effort and energy into their sport and sport training. It means you focus entirely on becoming the best you can be. More than anything else, it requires your complete dedication.

Here are the three key ways to keep motivated and ensure prime motivation remains a central, driving force:

1. Set Goals

There is nothing more rewarding than achieving a goal you have aimed for. Once you hit your goal you will be supremely motivated to smash it and keep working harder and improving.

2. Daily Reflection

Every day you should spend some time reflecting on your performance. You should ask yourself ‘What can I do to improve and become the best I can be?’ and then act upon your answers to this question and you should also ask yourself ‘Did I do everything I could to reach my goals today?’ The more you question yourself, the more accountability you’re creating and there is all the more to play.

3. Dedication

Even with all the training and hard work in the world motivation is down to you, you have to want this achievement more than anything else in the world. No one else can be motivated for you and it truly does have to come from within. Your body will do the hard work if you keep pushing and keep motivated.