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The best trainers for any workout

The best trainers for any workout

Having a good pair of trainers is the secret to achieving the best results in the gym, whether that be running, cross-fit, weight lifting or HIIT. Investing in high quality trainers is a must if you haven’t done so already.

Many gym goers make the mistake of wearing unsuitable trainers that don’t do their workout justice and ultimately lead to injuries, poor performance and a derailed fitness plan.

Get the best results in the gym and make life workout with these top gym wear trainers that you can use for any workout.

#1 Nike Metcon 4

The Nike Metcon 4 is a top contender in the gym wear market as they are perfect for meeting the demands of heavy cross training and weight lifting. The large, flat sole is made from sticky rubber, which provides stability and superb traction for any agility workout. No matter how sharp your turns are, you’re not slipping! The shoe is slightly cushioned so you can use it for small stints on the treadmill. However, they have not been designed for running. The low heel section will cause some people discomfort if used for this purpose.

Overall, buyers have thought this shoe was extremely comfortable with a lightweight nature. The trainers are easy to tighten with an added sixth lace loop option too! How about trying the Reebok Nano 8 Flexweave as an alternative for lifting weights and cross-fit training?

#2 Nike Free Trainer

If you’re a lover of HIIT exercises, then these trainers are for you. The Nike Free TR 8 are lightweight, flexible and comfortable and can handle various strenuous activities from cardio, weightlifting, HIIT to plyometrics. Many fitness enthusiasts have felt protected from the impact of high-speed training due to the soft and flexible foam in the soles of the shoe, enabling users to absorb impact while landing and preventing any potential injuries. This shoe is also offered in a wide range of colours and styles to please a significant number of owners. However, they have no arch support, which may cause discomfort to those with a high instep.

Overall, great shoes! You can also try the New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer for HIIT workouts.

#3 On Cloud X

For all the marathon runners out there, you need a pair of these! The Cloud X have squashy, cushioned soles to provide support in the heels to help you go that extra mile, but firm enough to generate enough power into your sprint. Several runners expressed that the open toe box allows the foot to spread naturally during medium-paced runs, while the foot lockdown supplied by the midfoot area was effective in preventing slippage. Others have commented on complete freedom of movement in other activities too, such as HIIT training. However, some reviews stated the outsole was difficult to clean and the laces were too long. Can’t be tripping over them on your morning run!

Overall, runners consider them the best shoes yet! Try out the Nike Metcon Repper DSX as another option for whenever you fancy a run.

#4 Adidas Power Perfect 3

The adidas Power Perfect 3 are the king of stability. Nothing is destabilising these trainers! They are one of the favourites amongst Olympic lifters, as the shoe offers security like no other. The EVA midsole offers supreme support and is less compressible than the TPU platform in other weightlifting shoes. Not only that, but the elevated heel also helps many users improve ankle mobility and reach deeper squats with a more upright torso position. Can’t say no to that? Several athletes have also expressed positivity for the spacious mesh toe box to wiggle your toes. Can’t forget the media strap on the shoe either, creating a more secure foothold.

Overall, buyers have been extremely satisfied with these trainers! You could also try the Reebok Legacy Lifter trainers as an alternative?

In summary, it doesn’t matter what type of workout you do, investing in the right pair of trainers is crucial for you to maximise performance and reach your fitness goals like you intended to, without any trips to the hospital!






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Patrick Law

Patrick is a keen touch rugby and football player and regular gym goer. He also enjoys long-distance running.