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Tennis.. for life, not just Wimbledon!

Tennis.. for life, not just Wimbledon!

Do you only take notice of tennis at this time of year? Think again – as well as being an exciting spectator sport, tennis is great exercise for everyone.

What makes tennis so good for you?

  • Simple but endlessly fascinating: the game is easy to understand, but as it is not time-limited it remains interesting to the end.
  • Accessible for all: tennis can be adapted for children, for those with disabilities and for those who need a shorter game.
  • Inexpensive: starter-level rackets and balls are well-priced, and all you need to wear for most courts is the usual t-shirt, shorts and trainers.
  • A varied workout: the game needs strength, endurance, flexibility and overall fitness.
  • A continued challenge: while the basics are fairly simple, there is always room for improvement. Even Nadal doesn’t win every time!

Many leisure centres have tennis courts ready and waiting, including indoor spaces for the colder months. There are tennis clubs all over the country and most will welcome new members. If you haven’t played before, look out for beginner lessons. Make sure to book now before the Wimbledon effect really kicks in and things get busy.

What about further training to improve your tennis fitness? To begin, try this gym-based workout which uses standard kit to get you tennis-ready. For a more intense session, you could do worse than follow the example of our defending Wimbledon champion, with Andy Murray’s tennis strength and cardio workout. If you need a fuller programme tailored precisely for tennis, try this.

Summer is here and the spectacle of Wimbledon is upon us.  Don’t just watch – join in!