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Summer body workouts with Jonathan Lomax Part 3

Summer body workouts with Jonathan Lomax Part 3

It's here! Part 3 of our Summer body workout series with Jonathan Lomax. This week it's all about the chest...

Full Frontal 

Boobs are back! I have no idea if this is actually true, but the ladies at Lomax who are in the fashion world assure me that boobs are having a fashion moment this season. Boys, buff pecs have always been on the menu and according to the latest opinion polls women like a big chiseled chest and broad shoulders. Men are back, skinny boys are out.  

Feel like yours boob/moobs aren’t quite up to scratch? As with every area of your body, the right exercises can make them perkier, and even bigger.

Ladies: Boobs are just a layer of fat that sits on a layer of muscle (pecs)– so if you tighten that muscle up and do the right exercises, not only will you get a stronger back, but your boobs will appear higher (partially because all the amazing work you did on your posture last week will make them appear higher, and partially because they will actually lift higher as your muscles tighten).

Gents: If you’re struggling with your ‘Man-boobs’ – aka: ‘moobs’, the chances are you have some body fat to loose, and that isn’t to do with how much you can bench press. 

For both men and women, remember if you’ve been doing your leg and bum exercises, you will be shifting fat already. The work on your shoulders, back and posture will be ‘lifting’ your chest anyway so you are already halfway there – doing your chest exercises is the final part of the puzzle.

I’ve included bicep exercises with this workout, as they are not used while doing chest exercises so will be fresh for attack (the assisting muscles in chest exercises are triceps which you will have worked already in last week’s training program, The Sexy Back). Biceps will have been fatigued during last week’s workout too, but will have had time to recover, so I like to hit them again directly on Chest day.

As usual throw in some shoulders and abs exercises to increase the metabolic nature of the exercise routine and get the heart rate up.

The Full frontal Workout

Chest / Biceps/ shoulders/ abs – Do this once a week

Main Exercise: 3 sets x 12 Barbell flat bench chest press
Superset: 12 x EZ bar bicep curls
Abs interval: 20 x Incline reverse ab curls

Main Exercise: 3 sets x dumbbell incline bench chest press
Superset: 10 x dumbbell hammer bicep curls (per arm)
Abs interval: 20 x Weighted sit-ups

Main Exercise: 3 sets x cable chest flys incline bench press
Superset: Dumbbell Lateral flys
Abs interval: 10 x Hanging leg raises

Main Exercise: 3 sets x 12 barbell shoulder press
Superset: 3 x 12 Dumbbell Front raises
Abs interval: 20 x Swiss ball oblique crunches

If you missed our previous week's routines, don't worry. Click here for Jonathan's Thighs the Limit workout from week 1 and Bring Sexy Back with week 2's routine.