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Reap the benefits of dry January

Reap the benefits of dry January

A booze-soaked Christmas season can leave your liver groaning into the new year.

Why not rehydrate your body and go dry this January, you may be surprised at the benefits of laying off the alcohol for a month.

Here are our 5 top motivating reasons to rest your liver and give dry January a go this year:

  1. Lower glucose levels.  Alcohol is full of sugar and empty calories and it encourages your body to release insulin to deal with the glucose made because of this. The more glucose your body releases, the higher the risk of developing Type II diabetes. When you quit drinking your glucose levels will drop by around 16% in the first month.
  2. Lower cholesterol levels. Alcohol increases your 'bad' cholesterol levels. This rise can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.  After a month of not drinking, it’s thought your cholesterol will drop by around 5%.
  3. Reduce liver fat. When you drink, fat forms around the organs in order to protect them. These fats then produce enzymes to burn off calories. The problem is however that you’re taking on too many calories and not burning them off so your body can’t deal with this and the liver is damaged. Liver fat reduces by around 15% in the first month and the liver then has time to regenerate.
  4. Less reflux. The lining of the stomach is damaged when we drink alcohol and therefore food doesn’t break down properly to pass through the digestive system. Sometimes the acid in your stomach goes the wrong way and causes what’s known as reflux. Without alcohol, the reflux will improve.
  5. Improved memory function. Alcohol causes dehydration, and when our body is dehydrated concentration and memory is affected. Switch the booze for soft drinks and you’ll boost the brain.
the author

Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .