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One month to quick fat loss

One month to quick fat loss

We all put on a bit of an extra layer of fat over the colder months. Now is the time to start shedding that winter coat in time for Spring.

It might seem ambitious, but it is completely realistic to shed 4lbs of fat in one month. That’s almost 2kgs. So if you want to be almost 2 kgs leaner in 4 weeks’ time, read on…

Firstly, you need to cut back on calories. Try to cut out about 500 calories a day from your diet. It might sound a lot but in fact, if you just forgo that piece of cake or a couple of pints, you will find it easy to lose 500 calories from your daily intake. Then add in the below exercise regime and within 30 days you will feel fitter, leaner and more toned.

Days 1 – 10

This is where we begin. If you are starting from zero, go slowly at first, you don’t want to jump in guns a-blazing only to feel you can’t keep it up.

Start day 1 with some light cardio – a 20 min jog or 20 mins on the rower.

Day 2, try to keep it up for a little longer.

Increase your time daily until, by day 10, you can keep running/cycling/rowing for 40 minutes or so.

This will get your heart pumping and into the fat burning zone.

Days 11-20

Keep up the cardio sessions, ideally 40 minutes a day.

Then, every other day, add in some weights and body exercises for another 30 minutes. Push ups, lunges and squats are all good. Get on those weight machines and start working your muscles.

You don’t have to do the body exercises directly after your cardio session but you should do them at least every other day.

Days 21-30

Keep up the cardio sessions, and add in 30 minutes of full body exercises, daily.

You should now be aiming to do higher intensity exercises that work your whole body, such as burpees, woodchoppers and planks. Keep the exercises up until you feel your heart pounding and muscles shaking.

After 30 days, can you feel the difference? Let us know how you get on!



the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.