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Lost your mojo? You need some motivation

Lost your mojo? You need some motivation

Lost your mojo? We've got surefire ways to motivate you to get back to the gym

1. Reward yourself with something tangible

It’s great to give yourself a physical goal to aim for, such as better health, or to lose weight, but often we are motivated far more when we can see the rewards immediately. One way to ensure you get back to the gym is to promise yourself a reward afterwards that makes you happy – a film, a snack, or a drink with friends.

We make the link in our minds that going to the gym leads to a nice treat at the end and therefore, going to the gym suddenly seems like a much better idea!

​2. Monetise your promise

This really is putting your money where your mouth is – but it can work very well. If you are buddying up to go to the gym, then make a contract between you that if you skip a session (for no good reason), you have to pay £5 – or whatever it costs to make you wince.

The thought of losing money by skipping the gym may well be the motivation you need to keep you focused.

3. Think positive

Many believe that if you can visualise the positives of going to the gym – like the feeling you get mid-workout, and the transformational effects of a good gym session - then you’ll be more likely to drag yourself out of bed or off the sofa to actually get out to the gym in the first place.

4. Tribal tactics

We are team players at heart. We like to be encouraged, and to feel part of something. If you can find a workout group that is inclusive and makes you feel good then you’re more likely to stick at it and keep going back to the gym.

Other people have a huge motivational impact on us and so if you can find your fitness tribe, it’s likely you’ll be kept on the straight and narrow.


the author

Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .