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Landmark Study shows a Healthy Active Lifestyle really is key to a long healthy Life

Landmark Study shows a Healthy Active Lifestyle really is key to a long healthy Life

Results just in from a study that began in 1979 seem to have proven the old adage that healthy, active living leads to a long, happy life. The study, organised by Cardiff University, began with 2,500 men all asked to follow five simple rules:

  1. Eat Well
  2. Drink Less
  3. Work Out
  4. Keep the Weight Down
  5. Never Smoke

Now we’re nearly 40 years from that date and the men involved are well into their elderly years but interesting results have been found. Just 25 of the pensioners have managed to stick to the plan but they are much fitter than healthier than those who didn’t stick to it.

Those on the plan have decreased their risk of many life-threatening illnesses and diseases including cancer, diabetes, stroke and dementia. The participants involved have their unique ways of keeping fit with one 80-year old subject cycling 35 miles a week around the hills and valleys in his area whilst another is a referee for college American football matches, as well as walking and jogging.

Throughout the study the men and their families have kept in contact with the university, offering up details of their activity, alcohol intake and food questionnaires. Every five years reassessment was carried out including checking medical records for cases of diabetes, strokes or heart disease.

The results were clear, those participants who were non-smoking, had an acceptable BMI, regular physical activity, high fruit and vegetable intake and a moderation when it came to alcohol were associated with reductions in many of the chronic and life-threatening diseases.

Healthy living can reduce risk and give you the chance of a longer, happier life – something everybody must wish for. The five factors mentioned at the top are all you need to make a difference to your life and if you start to follow them you could be happily cycling 35 miles a week when you’re 80!