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How to Work Out as a Couple

How to Work Out as a Couple

I’ve been with Matt for almost two years now, he is the type of guy that played sports most of his life and continues to play football on the weekends with co-workers. Me on the other hand, I’m more of a couch potato, I’ve flirted with diets and the newest fitness craze occasionally but always quit after some time. So when Matt suggested we started working out together because he felt like he needed to “get back on track” I assumed he had completely forgotten who he was dating. How could I be anyone’s workout buddy? I’m the one always making excuses not to work out, not the one that motivates you to run that extra mile. But as I continued to think about working out with my boyfriend I got more and more excited.  I could buy cute workout outfits, we could spend more time together and get healthier together, and this way it would be harder to come up with an excuse to ditch working out. So if you and your partner want to try it out you should consider this:

Workout schedule

This was our first obstacle, Matt and I have very different work schedules and mine is a bit more erratic since I travel very often. That’s when I was just about to say “ hey we tried” and go back to my couch potato ways, but Matt suggested we get a flexible gym membership to help us work out even if I’m travelling.

Establish individual goals

I knew I wanted to lose some weight and tone up a little, while Matt was more focused on strength and building some muscle. It makes sense that even if you’re a couple working out together you will need different routines for different goals since you are working towards getting healthier in your own way. So don’t expect the same results as our partner or even the same type of exercise, work on your own goal with the help and support of your partner and vice versa.

Really commit to it

Treat this as if it was a date, try not to cancel or it will affect the other person. Don’t constantly change your plans in favour of other things. If you stick to it you will have fun as a couple and you will end up having a fun time.

Working out as a couple can be challenging at first, but after trying it I felt a deeper bond with Matt, we kept each other motivated and now we feel stronger and healthier than ever.

the author

Andreas Dahlgren

Strength training enthusiast who also has a knack for creative writing..