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How to Stick to a Healthy Eating and Workout Plan

How to Stick to a Healthy Eating and Workout Plan

You may have started out with all the good intentions in the world, spent hours poring over recipe books and food blogs for meal inspiration, planned your meals and workouts meticulously, but for some reason, you just can't stick to it. Something always comes up or gets in the way, and that is what stops you from reaching your goal.

I have been there!

I didn't lose 7st without having times where I just gave up because it was too hard or because I didn't want my world to be scales, running and calorie counting anymore. But it isn't the giving up that defines you, it is the getting started again. As long as you go in to this knowing there will be times where you give up, you are being realistic. Just remind yourself to always pick yourself up the next day. Don't beat yourself up about it, learn what you can from it and move on.

Seeing it as a lifestyle, something that isn't a quick fix or a diet, that is what will help you to stick to it, because the little slip-ups are all part of it.

Now you know that, you just have to know how to get started again. Motivation is a tough one, and it is something that is different for everyone. For me, whenever I had these moments I took myself back to the miserable and obese person that I used to me and reminded myself of how she felt. Remembering that feeling is enough for me to never want to go back there.

Once that reminder is firmly set in my mind, I change my routine.

Falling off track is usually due to boredom and getting in to a rut with the same meals and the same workouts. Head to Instagram and search the hashtag #healthyeating and see what everyone else is eating and get some new meal inspiration. Take a look at your gym’s class schedule and book yourself in to some new classes, or head to YouTube and try and new workout at home.

I also like to stick some motivational quotes up around the house. There’s post-it saying "you are beautiful" on my mirror for the days when I look in it and can't see a change. The changes are happening, you just might not be seeing them yet. Sometimes looking at a motivational quote is enough to push me to go to the gym that day.

So, remember why you started, mix up your routine and know that we all fall down sometimes. Pulling yourself up is what makes you strong!

the author

Dannii Martin

Dannii is a weight loss inspiration. After experiencing a weight-related health scare in 2008, Dannii decided it was time to make a change, and set out to lose 100lbs. She reached that goal 18 months later and has documented her continuing journey at her blog, Hungry Healthy Happy.