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How to get motivated to get fit and beat procrastination!

How to get motivated to get fit and beat procrastination!

Excuses, excuses: Defeat procrastination and get fit

If you’re committed to getting fit, feel you have the motivation yet always find something else to do before you work out, it sounds like you’re dealing with procrastination. We all do it, maybe we have to have a snack before going on a run or simply must sort something out before heading to the gym. These are diversion tactics and they need to be avoided.

Beat procrastination with these quick tips:

1. Easy does it

Do something, anything! Starting with something you find easy may push you onto challenge yourself. Visiting the gym might be something you’re working up to so consider a brisk walk to visit it and see what it’s like. Check out timetables but ensure you keep a steady pace on your walk so it still keeps your heart rate up.

Psychological studies have shown if you start something that task will be stuck in your mind until you finish it. Get started with your exercise plan and you’ll be compelled to keep going and working towards your goals.

2. Start Anywhere

The option to start with something easy is that it can be quite hard to know exactly what to do first. We’ve given one example above but if this isn’t for you then maybe it’s time to stop thinking so much. Planning is great but over planning means you never get anything done. Stop planning and start moving, it doesn’t matter if it’s slow or not exactly what you’d hope – it is the beginning!

3. Be Accountable

Sign up for classes, agree to meet friends or find a running partner. Making yourself accountable to someone else makes failing to turn up a much bigger deal. You can’t procrastinate and sit around not sticking to your plans if you’re keeping someone waiting – our social brains simply won’t allow it.

You can sit around all day thinking about when you’ll join the gym or you can just do it – we think you know which the best choice is.