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Hooray for cheat day! How much can you cheat?

Hooray for cheat day! How much can you cheat?

We're human. We all want - NEED - a cheat day sometimes. If you’re going to cheat you want it guilt-free and maximum enjoyment.

But how many cheat meals are ok? And how do you stop one cheat day from land-sliding into a cheat week (or cheat month!)? 

You want to tone up, feel strong or maximise your weight loss? So you make healthy choices. If you stick to your plan – without cheating – your body will transform, right?

No. Life gets in the way. Temptations creep in. Face it, you’re going to ‘cheat’ anyway. But with an official cheat day you remain in control. Believe it or not, a cheat day once in a while won’t erase weeks of hard work. Honestly.

The solution? Cheat how much you like. Just follow some simple tips:


Calling it ‘cheating’ is almost a license to binge eat. Instead, consider it a ‘treat’ day. No guilt, just a tasty treat.

Work out a lot? Your muscles will also benefit from being ‘treated’. They will soak up any carbs and refill their glycogen stores. Giving you energy to Hussle again!


A great way to cheat is to eat what you like, so long as it’s not processed junk food. Think freshly baked bread and butter, good quality ice-cream, homemade burgers, a generous bowlful of pistachio nuts.


If you can Hussle a quick workout on your cheat day, you will feel less sloth-like. Go to the gym, cycle to work, do a quick sweat-inducing weights workout. Be active, and you will feel better before and after eating.


Beware of one little cheat becoming a regular habit. That chocolate bar treat can easily become a nightly habit, Be honest with yourself.  Are you treating yourself too often? If yes, it’ll be harder to shift that jiggling waistline.


Food is more tempting when we’re bored.  Plan your cheat day for times when your diary is fuller. Have a night out with friends? Include the event in your diet plan so you can combine it with your cheat day. Chop and change your cheat day around to take full advantage of your social calendar.

Photo by Sander Dalhuisen on Unsplash

the author

Patrick Law

Patrick is a keen touch rugby and football player and regular gym goer. He also enjoys long-distance running.