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Gym Selfies, Right or Wrong?

Gym Selfies, Right or Wrong?

Searching #gymselfie in Instagram pulls in over half a million results. Lots of people are taking them but does that make it right? We ask three of Hussle’s top Gym/Class goers to share their views.

Hannah (favourite class is Dance): It’s not okay to take selfies in the gym – if you look good enough to take a selfie whilst working out, seems like you might not be working hard enough...

Claire (favourite class is Pilates): Yes it’s okay… you might look like a bit silly, and I’ll probably unfollow you if you post too many on Social Media, but if you find that selfies help your progress and give you a motivation boost then go for it. If you can find somewhere more private to take said selfie though (or at least a quiet room in the gym) then that’s definitely better than including someone else’s red sweaty face, who probably doesn’t want their gym visit to be photographically documented.

Sam (favourite class: HIIT): I think the odd motivational gym selfie (or Gelfie as my friend and I refer to it) is acceptable, the pictures can encourage and inspire others with their workouts and for fitness professionals this can be a really easy way of boosting their profile. I really think it all depends on the delivery of the picture and what their agenda is.

A mixture of views, on one hand you feel good, people are seeing you exercise and this in turn can motivate your network and yourself. On the other hand, a constant stream of gym selfies (gelfies) can clutter social feeds. Arguably, a proper workout should leave you looking worn out. Reebok’s campaign #BreakYourSelfie is a great way people are sharing selfies after a hard workout as it challenges the classic gym selfie. So, should you take a gym selfie? We came up with a few questions to help you decide:

  • Are you taking up equipment time by searching for that pose where you look ‘just right’, instead of actually working out? …. you should stop taking the picture.
  • Do likes and comments perpetuate your gym/class attendance? ...take selfies but in moderation.
  • You take a selfie to monitor your progress? publicly once in a while but perhaps keep most to yourself.

Ultimately, it is unique to each person but it is important to ask yourself, ‘why?’. We think that in moderation gyms selfies can encourage you to work harder and achieve your aspirations. Agree, disagree? Leave a comment below.

the author

Joe Sherman

Joe is a keen gym-goer, footballer and cyclist. He has a passion for the latest fitness trends and marketing.