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Five Ways to Break out of a Training Rut

Five Ways to Break out of a Training Rut

There is nothing more disheartening than a plateau in your training success, or feeling bored every time you enter the gym. Getting to that next level was always going to be tough but sometimes boredom and demotivation can be enough to put you off for good. 

Rather than wallowing in a training rut, try these tips to break out and move forward:

1. Find your Squad

Working out and training with like-minded people can really help push you forward. Even an online community group with others striving for similar goals will push you on to try harder.

A regular check-in with people with the same goals as you can really push yourself and feel accountable for reaching that next level.

2. Don’t Aim for Perfection

Aiming for perfection will always leave you disappointed. There is never a perfect time and you may never achieve a perfect lift. You certainly won’t be able to find a perfect programme so rather than aiming for and seeking perfection, enjoy what’s in front of you. Focus on the best possible programme for you.

Find a programme, stick to it and feel the changes. If you don’t feel you’re progressing, consider other programmes out there but don’t swap and change every couple of weeks on a hunt for perfection.

3. Play a New Sport

Trying something new could ignite a passion or it could give you the lift you need to really push yourself in regular training. The benefits of sport are plentiful but the fun and pleasure element is one of the most important.

If you’re stuck in a training rut and are bored by your regular sessions, then trying something new and really enjoying yourself can come as a great relief.

4. Look for Help

If you aren’t achieving your goals, then it can’t hurt to ask for help. This could mean looking around your community and finding the best placed person to help you out. Alternatively, it could mean enlisting the help of a professional such as a sports coach or personal trainer to give you the lift you need.

The first step is asking for help and from there, it’s your turn to listen, take in the advice and work with it.

5. Try a Class

If you aren’t feeling your individual training and want to mix it up with something completely new, try a gym class. This could inspire you to try out some new moves, push you to try more classes or simply mean you get to enjoy the social side of working out. In any instance, it’s going to motivate you to keep up the training. 

the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.