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Fitness fashion trends in 2019

Fitness fashion trends in 2019

Many fitness fanatics are constantly on the look out for the best gym wear so they can be fashionable without compromising on functionality. Who can blame them? Every gym goer needs a sleek gym attire to help them on their way to a ‘shredded summer’. After all, you don’t see superman saving the world without his latex suit.

Sports Psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader says that “When you put on a new fitness gear, you begin to get into character like an actor putting on a costume for a performance”. As a result, “you expect to have a better performance, making you more mentally prepared for the task”, says Fader.

Clothing seems to influence behaviour and attitudes because it carries a symbolic meaning, according to the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. So, if you are wearing gym clothes that you think looks good, you will feel good too – leading to improved focus, motivation and gains!

Here are some of the latest fitness fashion trends that people are talking about to help make life work out. Get your flexible gym membership today. 

#1 Leggings

Having a nice pair of leggings that are functional as well as fashionable will enable some of the best workouts to take place.

Nike Pro Hyper-Cool sporty leggings will set you up for the toughest military workouts out there with their mesh panels lining the outer thighs and lower legs for enhanced breathability, and Lorna Jane’s “super soft and comfy sculpting leggings” are shrink and fade resistant with an ‘internal drawcord’ that can be adjusted to fit any body type. Under Armour do a best-selling, full coverage pair that have highly moisture-absorbing material, so whether you sweat a Tsunami or a rain drop, you’re sorted! Don’t worry about forgetting your deodorant either, it has anti-odour technology to minimise any bad smells. On a lighter note, Varley are adding some fun and brightness to your wardrobe with their colourful and patterned leggings. Nothing like an eye-grabbing animal print!

#2 Upper body

Whether you want to take up yoga, spinning, running or weight training, an ill-fitted top can leave you feeling fidgety, uncomfortable and self-conscious, which can lead to poor performance.

Adidas do a collection of ‘Don’t Rest’ sports bra’s that have moisture-wicking fabric to help stay cool in the hot weather, ‘Lycra Fit-sense’ bra’s designed with racer-shape front and back to allow free-flowing movement, and stretchy ‘All Me Limitless’ bra’s that are quick drying and have built-in UV protection. Pretty nice, eh? For something more lightweight and easier on the wallet, Fabletics offer a range of tank tops that are flexible and breathable with fast drying technology for additional benefit. And for the more-colder weather, Sweaty Betty provides plenty of long-sleeved seamless fabrics for warmth and opacity, while designed to also enhance shape and minimise friction.

#3 Hoodies

Wearing the right hoodie before and after a workout session is essential to provide comfort and satisfaction, but it also needs to be fit for fashion to reflect the urban champions that embody them.

Gym Shark are up there as a marker leader, providing high quality clothing, including hoodies and tracksuit bottoms, which offer a range of comfortable and soft fabrics that fit nicely and allow for versatility. With various styles and designs to adapt to different tastes and personalities, you can’t really go wrong! Gym King, Nuevo Club and BADR Sport are other popular alternatives that provide flawless hoodies, known to keep their shape and are long lasting too! Perfect for the dreary weather this time of year. Not only that, but over the past few years, Lululemon have grown its brand to provide masterpieces of gym wear that are both stylish and functional. For example, the versatile ‘City Sweat’ is perfect if you want a slim-fitting design that is stretchy and soft against the skin.

In summary, if you’re struggling with your workouts, why not get in the right mindset by wearing a gym outfit that makes you feel great in order to help you get great results! Go for it!







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Patrick is a keen touch rugby and football player and regular gym goer. He also enjoys long-distance running.