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First steps to the gym

First steps to the gym

So you know you want to get fitter, and there is a handy nearby gym which won’t break the bank. All you need now is to get through the door! Following on from this popular article last week, here are some more handy tips for you gym newbies…

Which class shall I choose?

Gym classes have come a long way from the days when it was a choice of ‘aerobics or aerobics’. There are workouts for everyone, of any ability or age. Start with the gym’s website to see what is on at the times that suit you. Then give them a call or pay a visit to see if the class you like is suitable for your current fitness level.

How do I get started on the machines?

The huge range of fitness equipment can be utterly bewildering. Fear not: all gyms offer induction sessions to show you what to do. The staff will be only too happy to show you how to look after both yourself and their expensive equipment. Gym staff are by nature enthusiastic about fitness and keen to teach, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

 What kit do I need?

Most workouts need only a t-shirt and trousers or shorts, plus well-fitting trainers. Clothing should not be too loose, because the instructor needs to see your moves. Baggy clothes can also get stuck in machines. However there’s no need for skin-tight outfits if they make you feel uncomfortable. Remember to dress in layers and bring a small towel and a bottle of water into the studio. You’ll also need your shower gear and a change of clothes for later.

The great thing about the gym is its flexibility. You can do as much as you want and change classes as often as you like.

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