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Does running make you happy?

Does running make you happy?

Are you a runner? Then you know that one foot in front of the other at speed is really addictive.

If you aren’t a runner, you may be wondering what it is all about. So here are four of the reasons why running makes people happy.


Complaining about our weather is an unofficial national sport, but the UK actually has a very benign climate. It might be damp at times, but it is rarely so hot or so cold that we can’t get outside. Running is a perfect way to combine exercise with the joys of fresh air. Even if your run is in a city, there are parks and gardens to run through or landmarks and interesting buildings. Add all the possible choices of route and you’ll never be bored with your run.

There’s no running season – it works whatever the weather. You can go running in the rain, laugh in the face of winter and cope happily with summer heat. Or take it inside to the treadmill if the weather really is too much.


They don’t call it ‘getting into your stride’ for nothing. The rhythm of running is one of its greatest pleasures. It might be to the sound of your favourite tunes or simply with the noises of your surroundings. Whatever the soundtrack, feeling your body move and improve is one of the true joys of a run.


There is some serious science behind the idea of the runner’s high, with no doubt that it is a real phenomenon. We are literally ‘born to run’, dating from the times when that was the only way to guarantee a meal. Our bodies generate endorphins which reward us for chasing up the food, encouraging us to keep moving in the interests of survival.


As well as being fun, running uses those calories and gets those muscles working. It is easy to see progress as the same distance gets easier, or you find that you can run for longer each time you try. You can track your progress with apps, or just enjoy the feeling of improved fitness.

Go on, run yourself happy. Check out some running top tips, pull on the shoes and head out of the front door!



the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.