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Ditch the Excuses

Ditch the Excuses

We’ve all had an excuse for not doing exercise. Here are ten of the most common, and solutions for getting over it.

1. Lack of motivation- This is going to be a problem for as long as you let it. A lack of motivation means you won’t even begin an exercise programme, let along maintain one.

Solution:  Give yourself a reason for doing it. Maybe it’s just to reach a personal goal, such as being able to run to the shop and back. If you give yourself benchmarks then you will be more motivated to begin.

2. Having unachievable aspirations- If you’ve decided that your fitness goal is to be the next best premiership footballer, then the likelihood is you will continue to watch football on TV, but not get off the sofa to train yourself. Goals that are unattainable mean you set yourself up for failure and discourage you from starting any training programmes.

Solution:  Let’s take the premiership dream – this is probably a little unrealistic, but joining a local football club is completely achievable and a great way for you to get involved in team sports. The goals you set yourself should still be challenging for you, but you need to know that ultimately they are achievable.

3. Not having a strategy- You wouldn’t build a house without architectural drawings and the same thing can be said about becoming fit without a training plan. Although it can be done, it’s a whole lot easier with one.

Solution: Once you’ve decided on what your goals are and who can help you with them, sit down and work out some ideas and take some body measurements including your weight so that you can chart your changes. This will all help to motivate you on your exercise journey.

4. Doing too much too soon- You can be full of good intentions but if you go all out from the very beginning you’ll soon burn out and your exercise plan will amount to nothing. Rather than going to the gym six days a week and being too hard on yourself, you’ll perform better if you don’t overdo it.

Solution:  Take it easy to start with, make sure you rest and take days off. Your body needs to get used to your new lifestyle and if you build up slowly, the fitness will stay with you. There’s plenty of time for you to build up your level of exercise later on in the plan.

5. Pain- Pain is one of the big reasons we stop exercising. It might be that you have some form of sport’s injury that needs looking at on a professional level, or you might just be experiencing discomfort from your body getting used to a different way of life. Also we can be knocked down by colds and feeling generally under the weather, but this isn’t always a reason to stop training.

Solution: Assuming it’s not an injury take a day off to recuperate and then start back again.

6. Not seeing any results- The worst thing when you embark on a fitness regime is not seeing any results in the first few weeks. Realistically you need to wait two to three months until you start to see any changes, although this may be sooner for some people. You need to be honest with yourself and make sure that you are following the diet and exercise you set out for yourself, and that you’re not slipping.

Solution: Once you’ve been following a plan for three months with regular training, and you’re still not seeing any results, you need to re-evaluate your training plan and your eating habits. This is when it may be time to consult a professional if you haven’t already.

7. No fun- If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing and you’d rather be somewhere else, it’s easy to see why you might be put off your exercise programme. But it might just be that a few simple changes will increase your enjoyment.

Remedy: It might be something as simple as changing where you do your training. Maybe try to alternate the kind of exercise you do. If you’ve been solely slogging it out in a gym, maybe try alternating that with some classes, or join a sports club.

8. Lack of time- This is a big reason why so many people don’t do exercise. The simple truth is that most of us will happily sit in front of the TV for half an hour, when that time could be used to take on some exercise.

Solution: Prioritise your goals. If your health is important to you then you can put aside 15 minutes in the morning or afternoon to do some exercise. If you’re really serious about it then you can manage more.

9. Expense of joining a gym- It’s true, we’re in economic downturn and many people are struggling to afford the gym or classes. But there are alternatives even when you’re strapped for cash.

Solution: There’s nothing to say you need to join a gym in order to get fit. There are so many other free ways of exercising that don’t involve a gym at all. Brisk walking, jogging, home aerobics, exercise videos, and running up the stairs. All free ways to get fit.

10. You’re embarrassed – Being body conscious can make people dread going into a new environment where people are working out all around them. You might be worried about what to wear, or how to use the equipment when you get in there. The simple answer is you shouldn’t be.

Solution: This is something you just need to get over. You don’t have to visit the gym wearing skin tight Lycra, and you can wear anything you feel comfortable enough to do exercise in. The likelihood is that nobody will be watching you anyway as they’re all too busy working on their own exercise programmes. And the more you go, the less self-conscious you’ll be.