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There’s nothing quite like watching a trained boxer work through boxing moves with grace, confidence and athleticism. Going to a kickboxing or boxercise class will take you through similar moves.

But before you go for the first time, get a grasp of the basics so you can attack the class with confidence:


All moves start in a fighting stance.

  • Feet staggered, knees slightly bent with your heel lifted
  • Bring fists to chin and elbows near ribs, palms facing each other


This is a straight punch. The lead fist is punched straight ahead and the arm fully extended. Jabs are fast, surprise punches, striking quickly with power and control. If the left foot is in front, jab with the right hand. 

  • Stand in fighting stance with right foot forward.
  • Twist right hip forward, rapidly extending right arm fully.
  • Ensure your fist is facing the floor at full extension.
  • Recoil the arm and hip quickly.



A straight punch from the rear hand. The back heel is raised. If your left foot is in front, your right hand does the cross. 

  • Stand in fighting stance, right foot forward.
  • Rotate left foot, knee, hip, shoulder to the right, continuing until the left arm is fully extended, twisting the forearm until it’s parallel to the floor.
  • Recoil quickly to fighting stance.



Punch in a circular motion, across the face. 

  • Right foot forward in fighting stance
  • Pivot on ball of right foot, punch from right to left whilst turning your right knee, hip, shoulder and arm.
  • Bring right forearm parallel to the floor, keeping left fist by your face.
  • Recoil to fighting stance.



Punching upwards with fist pointing to the ceiling. 

  • Left foot forward in fighting stance. Keep left elbow close to body.
  • Bend both knees slightly, twist hips to the left and thrust right fist straight up and forward, knuckles facing the ceiling and palms facing you.
  • Hold left fist by your face, recoil the right fist immediately.



A kick with the heel of the foot. 

  • Left foot forward, fists by the face in fighting stance, weight on right foot.
  • Lift left knee to chest, foot flexed.
  • Fists remain up as you kick straight out from the hip, like you are punching with your heel.
  • Recoil back to fighting stance.



A strong kick with great force from your glutes. 

  • Right foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Turn hips to left, then lift your right knee towards the chest and keep your foot flexed.
  • Thrust the right leg out to the right side whilst leaning your upper body into the left side to counterbalance you.
  • Keep fists by your face, recoil the kick and return to fighting stance.



A circular kick (great for those Bruce Lee impressions). This version is performed with the front leg to reduce pressure on the opposite knee.

  • Right foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Bending right knee, bring your heel to your backside and pivot on the left foot, rotating hips to the left.
  • Kick your right foot from right to left in arc, leg extended and toes pointed.
  • Recoil and return to fighting stance.


Ready to get fighting fit?  Find a kickboxing class at a gym near you. Or if you fancy something right now try this 10 Minute Kickboxing Workout.



the author

Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for Hussle. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.