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5 reasons your belly fat won't burn

5 reasons your belly fat won't burn

When you Hussle hard, eat well and do everything else right, it’s frustrating if your belly fat still hangs around. 

We hear your pain. Abdominal fat is stubborn. And sadly the most harmful fat to carry.

Don’t give up. There are several good reasons why your belly fat isn’t vanishing quickly. And the good news is you can tackle all of them.


It goes without saying that too many calories from junk makes fat harder to shift. But not all calories are created equal. A diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates is much more likely to hang around your middle. Even if you Hussle 6 times a week!

The solution? Ditch the junk and eat 3 regular meals with plenty of good fat, quality protein and complex carbs.


Gazillions of studies show that getting less than 5 hours sleep a night makes you more likely to gain weight. This is because insufficient sleep also makes fat cells ‘groggy’ and not able to respond properly to insulin.

Being tired also makes us hungrier, more prone to emotional eating and nibbling on carbs. Who wants a carrot when they’re knackered? So, don’t underestimate the importance of good sleep. 


Those of us who subscribe to the maxim of ’30 minutes of moderate exercise a day’ might be indignant. But short, intense bouts of exercise appear to target belly fat a lot more effectively.

As Joe Wicks’ ‘Lean In 15’ shows, it only takes quarter of an hour of HIIT to have an impact on obesity-fighting hormones. Whether it’s weight-training or cardio interval training, in terms of belly fat high intensity wins.


Have you got a ‘stress belly’? This can be caused by too much cortisol being released as a response to chronic stress. Cortisol promotes fat storage, especially visceral fat around the belly. Dieting alone won’t help – you need to improve your stress management.

Yoga, mindfulness, walking 10,000 steps a day and regular Hussles will all help. Keep a check on that internal voice: talk yourself up, not down.


Some people still think we should do 1000 crunchies a day to get flat abs. Not true. Unfortunately, spot reduction isn’t effective. Instead, focus on full body exercises plus high intensity interval training. E.g. using the cable machine works the stomach, but also uses your arms and glutes to burn fat.

Photo by Arun Sharma on Unsplash

the author

Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for Hussle. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.