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Hussle community - Motivation

Motivational Advice from the Experts

Hussle community - Motivation

A lack of motivation is often cited as the reason we decide to skip training sessions, so let us inspire you! With motivational quotes, advice from behavioural psychologists and step-by-step techniques for sticking to your health resolutions, our experts serve up much needed words of wisdom for those moments when your willpower isn’t quite enough.

Latest Motivation Posts

Struggling to find time to attend your gym?
08 May 2019

Laura Briggs

We get it. Juggling work, friends and family means there’s not much time to exercise. With Hussle you can take that important meeting and still make the gym.

Why we rebranded
04 May 2019

Jamie Ward

On the 1st of May PayAsUGym changed name. Rebranding and renaming a business is a serious decision to make. Here are my thoughts on this long important process

05 April 2019

Jessica Ambrose

There’s no better time than spring to deal with excess fat and low fitness. If you are new to a fitness programme try this 4-point guide to get you started.

01 April 2019

Kath Webb

Some of us make more effective use of our calories than others. Are there ways to boost our metabolic rate and become a more efficient calorie burning machine?

Too busy to exercise? Think again
01 April 2019

Kath Webb

If a busy schedule is preventing you from exercising, here’s a potential solution. You can improve your fitness in as little as 20 seconds! |

Exercise has a profound effect on your fat
28 March 2019

Laura Briggs

Exercise can shift fat. It changes the way our muscles behave. The exciting news is and fat can also have a beneficial effect on our bodies when we exercise.

Does exercise prevent ageing and keep you looking young?
24 March 2019

Kath Webb

Getting older no longer means getting weaker. Because it’s been proven that exercise can make you feel and look younger than you actually are | Hussle

21 March 2019

Kath Webb

Time to come out of hibernation and exercise! By starting now, you will have a summer-ready body and give yourself a feel-good boost until warmer weather comes.

11 March 2019

Jessica Ambrose

What defines success? Being prepared to grab the opportunity when it arises is important to succeed. Here are 4 ways that exercise can prepare you to succeed.

Habits that slow your metabolism down
11 March 2019

Kath Webb

Don’t let a slow metabolism hamper your efforts to stay slim. Beat the daily habits that drain your metabolic rate and watch your calorie burn soar | Hussle

This is what just 11 minutes of exercise a day can do for you
01 March 2019

Kath Webb

If you simply can’t find the time or dread your workout, take comfort from the latest research which shows that small amounts of exercise can reap huge benefits

The best trainers for any workout
26 February 2019

Patrick Law

Having a good pair of trainers is the secret to achieving the best results in the gym, whether that be running, cross-fit, weight lifting or HIIT. Investing in high quality trainers is a must if you haven’t done so already.

Fitness fashion trends in 2019
19 February 2019

Patrick Law

Many fitness fanatics are constantly on the look out for the best gym wear so they can be fashionable without compromising on functionality. Who can blame them? Every gym goer needs a sleek gym attire to help them on their way to a ‘shredded summer’.

Not exercising is the worst thing you can do for your health
18 February 2019

Laura Briggs

Up your fitness levels: New research is now suggests that being inactive and unfit could be even worse for your health than smoking | | motivation

Best exercises to slow down cellular ageing
06 February 2019

Kath Webb

We know that exercise is good for you. But did you know it can actually slow down cellular ageing and even prevent your cells from dying as you get older?

Benefits of going alcohol free for a month
28 January 2019

Sophie Gamble

As we are well aware, the Christmas period can get a bit messy. Songs are belted, hearts are melted, dance moves become uncontrollable and alcohol seems to play a huge part in it.

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