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Hussle community - Motivation

Motivational Advice from the Experts

Hussle community - Motivation

A lack of motivation is often cited as the reason we decide to skip training sessions, so let us inspire you! With motivational quotes, advice from behavioural psychologists and step-by-step techniques for sticking to your health resolutions, our experts serve up much needed words of wisdom for those moments when your willpower isn’t quite enough.

Latest Motivation Posts

Hooray for cheat day! How much can you cheat?
23 July 2019

Patrick Law

How many cheat meals are ok? Want to tone up, feel strong, maximise weight loss? Cheat as much as you like. Just follow some simple tips | Hussle | diet tips

Improve your mental health by getting active
10 July 2019

Laura Briggs

Feeling down or depressed can be triggered by many things. One thing that can naturally help give your mood and mental well being a boost is exercise.

05 July 2019

Patrick Law

Wake up energised, refreshed and ready for the day. Nope? High speed city lifestyles need high energy levels. Try these ideas to help you bounce out of bed

27 June 2019

Jessica Ambrose

Sleep. Work. Hussle. Socialise. Repeat. Feel like sometimes you need it all to stop? Meditation could be the way to achieve calm in the storm of modern life.

How much time should I spend in the gym?
01 June 2019

Kath Webb

When it comes to workouts, more is better, right? Wrong. Ultimately, your individual goals and needs determine your ideal training time | Hussle | PayAsUGym

27 May 2019

Jessica Ambrose

Life’s too short to pay over the odds. It's too short to pay for what you don’t need. You need a gym pass tailored to you. Hussle has 3 ways to do exactly that.

Travel hacks. Tips to save time and money
22 May 2019

Laura Briggs

Ready to Hussle like a seasoned traveller? Style it out and save time and money with our handy travel hacks | | Health Hacks |

5 fitness tips for busy mums and dads
21 May 2019

Kath Webb

Got kids? Got free time? Nope. If you’re a busy mum or dad trying to stay fit how are you meant to find time to workout? It’s possible when you Hussle.

Achieve better mental health by working on your life balance
16 May 2019

Kath Webb

Body image and self-esteem are a big part of mental well-being. Mental Health Awareness Week has got us thinking about how to achieve a healthy life balance.

Fitness tips for students
13 May 2019

Laura Briggs

Sleep. Study. Stress. The life of a student is demanding. Try this instead: Sleep. Study. Hussle. So you can stay alert and ready to nail that dissertation.

Struggling to find time to attend your gym?
08 May 2019

Laura Briggs

We get it. Juggling work, friends and family means there’s not much time to exercise. With Hussle you can take that important meeting and still make the gym.

Why we rebranded
04 May 2019

Jamie Ward

On the 1st of May PayAsUGym changed name. Rebranding and renaming a business is a serious decision to make. Here are my thoughts on this long important process

05 April 2019

Jessica Ambrose

There’s no better time than spring to deal with excess fat and low fitness. If you are new to a fitness programme try this 4-point guide to get you started.

01 April 2019

Kath Webb

Some of us make more effective use of our calories than others. Are there ways to boost our metabolic rate and become a more efficient calorie burning machine?

Too busy to exercise? Think again
01 April 2019

Kath Webb

If a busy schedule is preventing you from exercising, here’s a potential solution. You can improve your fitness in as little as 20 seconds! |

Exercise has a profound effect on your fat
28 March 2019

Laura Briggs

Exercise can shift fat. It changes the way our muscles behave. The exciting news is and fat can also have a beneficial effect on our bodies when we exercise.

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