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Top workout gadgets to make your workout that little bit easier

Top workout gadgets to make your workout that little bit easier

With devices becoming ever smaller and more convenient to help us keep fit, here’s a brief guide to the top workout gadgets and kit to keep you on the road to fitness.

Adidas Boost – It’s tough to find the right pair of trainers for running, but the Adidas Boost claims to return more energy to your legs as you run. This supposedly helps you to conserve energy as you run and gives you a bit of a boost to make it that extra mile. They are super bouncy but they’re not the best shoe for someone who needs a little more support in their shoe.

The Nike Fuelband – Nike’s FuelBand is essentially a trendy-looking watch/bracelet. It has the added bonus of tracking the activities you do in the day, so it keeps count of the amount of calories you burn, the number of steps you’ve taken and is also works as a normal watch.

By seeing how much output you do in a day, mentally you push yourself more- whether to improve on your previous day’s target, or to set yourself a goal.

With a mobile app to go with it, you can watch your progress and get extra motivation. You can compete with yourself or share results with friends.

Underwater headphones - If you love swimming, but miss the option of listening to music you can invest in the Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman which has all the electronics and earphones in a totally waterproof casing. The battery lasts for eight hours and feels a little like wearing a bluetooth headset.

Larklife – This is no ordinary pedometer. Essentially its main goal is to force you to take 10,000 steps each day. It wakes you using a silent alarm clock, and records the slightest of movements throughout the day. It also tells your phone and offers coaching tips. With this gadget it’s also possible to record your eating patterns as well. The product comes in two pieces. The first is to be used in the day, and the second for wearing in bed. The second tracks your sleeping patterns.

This is useful for making you do enough steps in a day, but some may find it a little bit too strict!

Diet device – If you eat too quickly, the HAPIfork, an innovative eating utensil, will vibrate and light up if you eat too quickly. Not only this, but it will transfer your eating-habit information to your computer or smartphone. The claims of the HAPIfork are that eating more slowly “will improve the way you feel after every meal, enhance your digestion and reduce your weight.” The fork is meant to make you more aware of what you’re consuming. Studies have shown that slowing your eating down and being more mindful about what you eat can help with weight loss.

Honest scales – The scales won’t lie to you, but the Withings WiFi scale will be brutally honest. IT will tell you weight, body fat percentage, and your BMI. It’s interactive as well as it registers the statistics and sends them over a home wireless network to a private Web interface. If you fancy it, you can even share your information for all to see!

O2 Magnetic Dumbell - students in South Korea have developed a new magnetic “dumbbell”, which enables people to work out without the use of heavy weights. Dubbed as “a wearable gym” the O2 Magnetic Dumbbell joins a whole host of small, discreet gadgets, which are a real help for anyone wanting to boost their fitness output.

The O2 Magnetic Dumbbell can mimic the weight of real dumbbells with electromagnets that provide a push and pull resistance. Without the use of large equipment, the armband appeals to a wide audience as it can be worn discreetly without anybody realising you’re doing any working out at all. It is essentially two rings, which are worn above and below the elbow.  The strength of the opposing electromagnets can be set by adjusting the level of electric power according to the workout intensity needed. Training weights can be selected ranging from 3kg up to 24 kg. Repetitions of each training-set are indicated on the display in the middle of the device so that you never lose count. 

Although these devices and kit won’t do the work for you, they can be hugely effective as motivational tools. By seeing your progress you can keep tabs on how you’re doing and you’ll probably push yourself harder than you would normally. 

These gadgets might make your life easier, but be careful that you don’t become too reliant on your technical bits of kit. A little help doesn’t go amiss, but you still have to be motivated to do the hard work yourself. Noone wants to be seen as the person who has all the gear...but no idea.