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Top tips for staying tip-top fit when travelling

Top tips for staying tip-top fit when travelling

Travelling for business or pleasure?  Sticking to a fitness routine can be challenging. But don’t throw away all your good work on a week or two of indulgence and room service. Instead, follow our tips for working out on the road.

Pack fitness equipment. As well as shorts and trainers, take some equipment with you. Resistance bands are lightweight, take up no room and great for stretching.   Wearable weights, deflated exercise balls and folding hula hoops also make great travelling companions (but leave the dumbbells at home!)

Go for a run to explore. The best and fastest way to get to know the local area is by going for a run. Take the opportunity to see new scenery and landscapes, and take note of appealing places to visit. 

Plan active activities. Plan physical activities into your schedule. A gym visit, cycle tour, hiking or swimming can all be included in a healthy, balanced holiday plan.

Use the local gym. If you’re travelling in the UK use to find your local gyms. Just type in the postcode or town. No membership and no fuss. Staying overseas? Arrange a workout date with your hotel gym.

Workout in your hotel room. If there’s no local gym, use the comfort of your own room. Lunges, press ups, squats and sit ups can give a complete workout whilst watching TV.

Eat and drink wisely. Plan healthy snacks, such as wholegrain crackers and cheese or local fruit and vegetables, ahead of time. This makes it easier to resist local tapas and booze. Most importantly, keep hydrated. Make a water bottle your new best friend.

Use videos. Take an exercise DVD to do in your room. Alternatively, if you have Wi-Fi there are thousands of fitness videos on YouTube which you can do in a quick morning or evening session.

Walk, walk, walk. Arrange your daily schedule so you walk as much as possible. Park further away, walk to restaurants, and use the stairs. You can even get some serious mileage up pacing airports. All those minutes really do add up.

Is there anything you’d add to the list? What’s your favourite ways to keep fit whilst travelling?