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Top Gifts and Gadgets for your New Healthy Christmas List

Top Gifts and Gadgets for your New Healthy Christmas List

Now you’ve adopted a healthier more active lifestyle then chances are you want to embrace technology to get the most out of your experience. When you get the fitness bug it’s hard to be able to switch your mind off and if you have the right equipment then you will really see and feel the difference. Of course you don’t need this equipment but as Christmas is all about the gift of giving it wouldn’t hurt to add some of these items cheekily to your Christmas list.

Withings WiFi Body Scale

We’ve told you time and again that the number on the scale isn’t everything but it can play a key role in your motivation and enjoyment of your healthy lifestyle journey. This new scales from Withings takes everything to another level. It’s taken measuring your weight to a new level by adding in a whole range of other features. It will also work out your fat and lean mass, your BMI and gives you the option of sharing them immediately across your social networks. If social shaming or encouragement plays a role in your fitness journey then this could be a perfect addition to your equipment!

Kitchen Clever

Alongside exercise you need to modify your diet if you’re working towards a lifestyle overhaul. If your kitchen is used to simply pinging things in the microwave then chances are you need some more technological enhancements to bring it up to scratch. From a digital scale to accurate measuring cups and spoons, this could make a huge difference to your portion management and nutrition!

Fitness Hamper

Everyone loves a hamper and it makes the best festive gift. A fitness hamper could include anything really – from protein shakes to recipe books and even some healthy snacks. You could pop in a couple of fitness magazines too or focus on their favourite brand or area of fitness. This isn’t something you can really put on your own Christmas list but you could easily make one up for one of your gym buddies.

Polar Watch

Everybody who’s anybody has a polar watch and it really can make a difference to your training, especially if you like seeing the stats mount up. The Polar FT7 is one of the best training partners you can have. It will show you whether you’re burning fat or making fitness improvements whilst working towards those personal goals. It offers accurate heart rate monitoring and features a Smart Coaching feature which helps track the calories you burn. If you then download Polar’s Personal Trainer you can keep a record of all your workouts and feel better about the whole experience.

Fat Gripz

Leading experts in the industry have said that Fat Gripz have actually transformed the way the industry functions. Fat Gripz make the muscles you’re exercising working in a different way and therefore can result in improved muscle building. Giving your muscles new challenges will always help them to work in a different way and therefore improve muscle building. Put a pair on your Christmas wish list and you’ll be sure to see the difference.

iPod Nano

OK it’s hardly a new idea but an iPod Nano can revolutionise your workout experience, especially if you’re a runner or a jogger. All iPods come with Nike+ which provides support and pedometer facilities. It also allows you to customise your workouts and build your own playlists that motivate you as you work out.

HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Hydration is key to a successful and healthy active lifestyle. If you’re into tech and want to ensure you’re well hydrated then this intelligent water bottle is a complete necessity. It is the world’s first ever interactive water bottle and it will calculate your personal hydration needs as well as monitoring your total fluid consumption. It will also display your average consumption so there’s no getting away from drinking enough each day.

Sports Headphones

Whether you’re listening to motivational personal training support as you train or your favourite workout playlist the right headphone can make all the difference. Sports headphones are designed to withstand the additional resistance that occurs whilst you train and shouldn’t get caught up or fall off. Listening to music in particular can boost your performance and therefore the right headphones can also improve your exercise experience too. Many brands including Sennheiser, Philips ActionFit and YurBuds have specifically designed sports lines and any of these could be what you need to get the most out of your experience.

Gift Certificate

If you really can’t trust anybody to get your most-wanted sports equipment this Christmas then you could simply ask for a gift certificate. Either to your favourite online department store or even your favourite sports clothes store and then you definitely know you won’t be disappointed.

Christmas can be part of your new healthy lifestyle and although there’s no reason not to enjoy your big dinner you can let it settle and get back to the gym with your new gadgets ASAP afterwards!