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Top gadgets to push your workouts

Top gadgets to push your workouts

Almost every brand has released a gadget designed to give athletes, gym fanatics and fitness newbies the chance to push themselves harder.

So how do you know which to pick? With all the big players like Nike and Adidas involved as well as several specialised companies who focus solely on this technology, there is a lot of choice out there.

Don’t be put off these little gadgets if you’re not tech savvy. They’re simple to use. If you don’t know where to begin, read on and our handy guide will give you a steer in the right direction.

Here’s a quick look at a range of top devices you could consider to give your workout that extra push.

Nike+ Fuel Band

The Nike+ Fuelband is one of the best known activity trackers on the market and has been upgraded to the SE. It is worn on the wrist as a thin bar and works with iOS devices such as the iPad or iPhone or computers running the Windows operating system. For mobile users it is limited to iPhone users but it has a thriving online community and all information automatically syncs so you can see your achievements on screen as well as feel them physically.

Polar RCX3 GPS

This Polar device is another of their specialised sports watches that comes with the Polar WearLink heart rate strap and monitor as well. It can be used for a wide range of sports and tracks the effect of the exercise on the heart rate, calculating an approximate calorie burn on that basis. The Polar G5 GPS sensor is often included with the RCX3 so locational based stats can be recorded too.

Griffin Adidas Armband

This Griffin armband device is designed to work specifically with the Adidas miCoach training system. It’s lightweight and can be attached to the upper or lower arm, with your iPhone or iPod touch held securely within. With your device held safely and you can forget it’s even there and tune into your personal miCoach trainer.


The Fitbug company has released the Fitbug Air and the USB connected Fitbug Go. Both devices are pocket-sized and it links up with its own specialised online programme which allows you to monitor your activity as well as set your own personal goals. Every week you’ll be provided with personalised step goals, healthy eating tips and the chance to connect with your Fitbug community.

Galaxy Gear Fit

The Galaxy Gear Fit is Samsung’s entry into the fit watch market. The Gear Fit looks stunning, has a curved, attractive screen and a smooth, easy to navigate interface. Unfortunately everything it adds in looks it loses is functionality. It features no camera, remote control and no music storage, which many people may rely on as they exercise.

Jawbone UP24

Sleek and simple Jawbone exercising monitors are unique in their design. The Jawbone UP24 is more than a simple fitness band and it’s an integrated system which utilises a band and an app. It helps you understand how your exercise effects your body but as it’s worn all the time it will also track your sleep and determine whether it’s effective. Wireless syncing for both Android and iOS users means you can constantly monitor and check your progress. As with many of the other products there is a thriving Jawbone community where you can set challenges, share successes and motivate others along your journey.

Atlas Wearables

Atlas Wearables are probably the best tracking gadget to gym users. Its intuitive system can recognise whatever exercise you may be doing and track it, storing your results. It will count your res and sets, calculate your calories and even give an evaluation of your form whilst lifting. It measures your success as you go so simply focus on your exercise and check in at regular intervals – just to make sure you’re hitting the targets you’ve got in mind. Atlas offers open platform software.

Alternatively, if you prefer simply to download an app, give this one a go:

Strava Run and Cycle app

Strava lets you track your runs and rides via Android or iOS devices. It also works with a range of dedicated GPS devices including Garmin products. It’s a free app which can easily be downloaded and there’s a buzzing community which can spur you on and keep you motivated. It’s packed out with fun, motivational challenges such as the 100,000 Mile Challenge which you can work towards.