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Top 5 Health Hacks

Top 5 Health Hacks

If only getting in shape was easy – and quick – and fun! Well, you really can cheat when it comes to your workout, if you follow these simple health hacks, you’ll be well on the way to looking like a beach god/goddess for the summer and you’ll hardly need to lift a finger!

Disclaimer: These tips will improve your life.

1. Turn your favourite TV show into a workout programme. We’ve all sat there watching some inane TV show when we could have been sweating it out in the gym, so why not partner the two together? Next time you’re watching Eastenders (other soap operas are available) give yourself rules – for example every time someone puts the kettle on, do five squats; when they stop by the “caff”, hold a plank for 30 seconds, and when you hear “duff, duff, duff”, well, why not go all out and do 20 sit ups!

2. Do something at the gym that’s fun that you’re not allowed to do at home. No, not that! Perhaps download a great book or podcast that you’re only allowed to read/listen to at the gym. It will give you that added incentive to get out of the house and get sweaty.

3. Cut down the amount of calories you eat by tricking your brain with a small plate. Rather than putting your dinner on a normal sized plate, downsize and you’ll think you’re eating a full-sized meal, without piling on as many pounds! Just don’t have seconds.....

4. Keep your phone upstairs. If you’re anything like most people on the planet, you probably check it about a million times a day. Keep it upstairs and then every time you need to check the internet, see if someone’s texted or left a voicemail, you’ll have to do some exercise to get it!

5. Keep your trainers fresh with an icy trick. If the stench of your trainers is causing you to avoid the gym or the open road, here’s a top tip for keeping the funky stink at bay. Step 1 – wash. Step 2 – air dry. Step 3 – sprinkle with bicarb of soda. Step 4 – stuff with newspaper. Step 5  - freeze. Yes, like put them in the freezer. Chilly feet, but you’ll be taking a load more steps in your odour free trainers!


the author

Laura Briggs

Laura is a fitness writer who loves running ultra marathons. In addition to training for her epic runs she finds time for strength training, Pilates and Yoga. .