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Tips for Gym Newbies

Tips for Gym Newbies

Expecting the gym to be an intimidating, testosterone-filled place that you’d prefer to avoid?

You’d be wrong. The gym is somewhere that can become your favourite place, somewhere that you can enjoy a social life and somewhere, more importantly than anything else, you can get yourself into better shape.

If you’re new to the gym don’t be afraid just keep our newbie tips in mind.

Induction Matters

Take advantage of your free induction. It’ll help you get acquainted with the equipment and get to know at least one staff member so there’s a friendly face to look out for. You should be shown how some equipment works so you can confidently get started too.

Start Slow and Easy

You may have ambitions of weight lifting in the future but don’t head straight for the barbells. Stick to the machine weights to begin with – they’re easy to setup and use. Head to the free weights when your confidence has grown.

Personalise It

Experts recommend investing in personal training but only now and again. One session every 4-6 weeks could be enough to help you tailor your training in the right direction for your goals. They also provide reassurance and motivation that you may be looking for.

Confidence First

If you’re feeling uncomfortable or intimidating just remember – you are a paying customer as much as anybody else. Never feel that you shouldn’t be in the weights area or you’ve been on the cross trainer too long. You can work out where you want to work out, when you want to work out – you pay for the privilege!

Ask Questions

If you have a question find a staff member and ask it. No question is stupid and no question should be left unanswered if you think it will improve your experience or help you in your training. The staff are genuinely there to help and have the experience to do so.

The first step is to get to that gym and just get started. 

Go on, what are you waiting for?