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Tips for Eating at Your Desk

Tips for Eating at Your Desk

If you’re in the habit of eating at your desk try following these top tips.

1. Chew Slooowwwly!

Slow down and chew for longer.

2. Don’t Eat on Autopilot

Have a proper lunch break; otherwise it can lead to poor portion control and weight gain.

3. Don’t Overeat

Picking on food in addition to main meals can lead to weight gain.

4. Avoid Feeding Bacteria

Keep your desk, keyboard and phone clean so you’re not creating a feeding ground for bacteria!

5. Keep Hydrated

Offices with air conditioning can be dry so make sure you’ve got a supply of water. 

6. Beware of Caffeine Overload

Caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and energy drinks can cause caffeine overload, leading to sleepless nights and underperformance.

7. Eat at Regular Intervals

Skipping meals can cause drops in your blood sugar levels that lead to dizzy spells and lack of concentration.

8. Healthy Snacks

After an initial energy rush from junk food, sugary foods lead to a drop in blood sugar levels causing jitters and lack of concentration.

9. Don’t Drink ‘n’ Eat!

Your digestive juices are trying to break down your food, so don’t dilute them. 

10. Healthy Office Parties!

Celebration parties can be healthy. Organise fruit and vegetable platters.

11. Have a Protein Shake:

A Protein Shake is a quick and easy way (and if you chose the right brand, a delicious way too) to boost your protein intake. Protein-rich foods tend to make you feel fuller than foods rich in carbohydrates or fat. Check out our Beginner's Guide to Protein article for more information on protein. SuperVitality is a cleaner alternative to the mainstream protein shake brands and offer deliciously different, natural flavours too.

the author

Stephen Kirlew

Stephen Kirlew | Managing Director of SuperVitality | 9X British Armwrestling Champion | TRAIN Mag Contributing Writer | Instagram @stephenkirlew.