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The Benefits of a Decent Sports Bra

The Benefits of a Decent Sports Bra

A good sports bra is in fact essential for protecting your breasts during a workout and new research has found that women who have good knowledge relating to breast health and support are more likely to participate in physical exercise.

New Research

This new research has been published by the University of Portsmouth in the wake of professional tennis player Simona Halep having her breasts reduced to improve her reaction during play.

The research asked a group of 239 women what discouraged them from getting involved in physical activity and 17% of them said their breasts were the main cause. Even the researchers found this a shock and only a few other factors ranked more highly that breasts in the study.

Get Active

Understanding what stops women getting to the gym or participating in exercise is important in the ongoing battle to get females of all ages engaging in physical activity and adopting healthy lifestyle choices. There is hope that the research will encourage women to learn more about breast health and become more active, realising the true benefits of a good sports bra.

Sports Bras Matter

The Research Group in Breast Health has backed up this evidence with their claim that without the right sports bra women are at risk of damaging the Cooper’s ligaments in their breasts, which cannot be repaired. No one wants permanent breast damage and therefore taking some time to choose a good sports bra is important.

There are many different types of sports bra. Some of the key questions you may ask yourself include the style of back you want (racer or straps), whether you want a compression or encapsulation bra and the kind of fastener you’d prefer. And most importantly, you need to ensure that you are wearing the right bra size, so that you are comfortable and properly supported. Visiting a dedicated sportswear store is the best place to start as the assistants should be able to advise on the best bra for your breasts and your chosen sport or exercise.

Understanding breast health and sourcing the best bra are great ways to begin a new, more active lifestyle.