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No More Pains in the Neck with Fineck

No More Pains in the Neck with Fineck

We’ve looked at many different fitness trackers on and most have been worn on your wrist or popped onto a clip. As far as we know, this is the Fineck is the first necklace which acts as a fitness tracker and more than that it specialises in ensuring your posture and neck health are the best they can be.

What is Fineck?

Not currently on the market, Fineck is a US development which currently has a Kickstarter campaign to its name, with hopes that it will be on the market ASAP. It focuses on tracking even the smallest movements of your body, with a long term aim of removing all pain, perfecting the posture and ensuring the neck is in the best possible condition.

It claims to be the world’s first titanium wearable, it combines both silicone and titanium and uses sensors to measure every movement of the wearer as well as their balance, movement and posture. It connects up to an iOS app via Bluetooth so bad habits can be checked immediately and you can begin to change those bad habits within minutes.

What will it do for me?

Through regular wearing, the app will soon build up a bespoke health profile, helping you to hone your activity and train your neck for the benefit of your body. It will also warn of any health risks associated with your behaviours and like many other wearable fitness trackers, you can set yourself a whole range of goals and targets.

Light weight, durable and hypoallergenic, Fineck sounds like a brilliant way of solving neck pain, with habitual lifestyle changes but the Kickstarter doesn’t currently say if it can be used to track steps and be used like other fitness bands so that remains to be seen.

Protecting your neck is central to ensuring your whole body works properly and you avoid the debilitating pain that incorrect posture can lead to. It’s certainly worth keeping an eye on what happens with the Fineck and whether we’ll see it on the general market soon.