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How to become a member of the early morning gym club

How to become a member of the early morning gym club

How often do you get to the end of a working day and flake out of going to the gym?

Sometimes life gets too much and the only thing that helps is a tasty dinner and a night in front of the TV. But what if you had already been to the gym and that chill out at home was totally guilt free, no nagging ‘I should have gone to the gym’ in the back of your mind.

Welcome my friend, to the morning gym club. It’s the best of both worlds: you get your workout in and you get your evenings back!

First, be prepared. Get your gym kit out the night before, have your work bag ready to go, breakfast and lunch prepared. There are lots of little things you can do to shave minutes off your getting ready time and enable you to spend longer in bed.

Speaking of which, see if you can go to bed slightly earlier. You still get all the sleep you need and studies have shown that 10pm to 2am is actually the most optimal time for human sleep, so hit the hay a little sooner and get the most of that anabolic window!

When you do have to get up and hear your alarm go off, DO NOT SNOOZE. Try putting your favourite song as your alarm, or put your alarm across the room so you have to get up. If you have the option you could set the heating to come on in your house so its just as cosy outside of the duvet as it is under the covers!

Eat a good dinner the night before. Not only will this help fuel your morning gym session, it may inspire you to notch up the nutrient intake at dinner and have more of a focus on what is actually going into your body if you know it is going to be stoking the fire!

If you feel like you need something in the morning pre-gym you could try a banana and yoghurt (easy on the go food) or protein shake and a handful of nuts. Great pre-workout energy and you still have your main breakfast to come, winner winner!

I know some people cannot face a 6am alarm and that's fine, but if you're willing to give it a go just know that the longer you keep it up the easier it becomes. The body loves routine and this is what it becomes!

There are so many benefits to working out earlier during the day, including endorphins roaming your blood stream all day, so if those top tips didn’t tempt you just know there are some performance benefits that you can gain from working out earlier in the day as well.

You can’t knock it until you try it!


the author

Izzy Jeffs

Izzy is a British champion javelin thrower and has competed in two Commonwealth Games finals. She has competed for Great Britain on several occasions. Izzy is a personal trainer and spends a lot of time training in the gym, building muscle. When she is not training at the track or in the gym, she is eating. You’ve got to eat big to get big! .