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Home exercise to relieve lifestyle stress

Home exercise to relieve lifestyle stress

Get in your own space, shut the door, leave the world behind. Then Hussle. Get your exercise in the comfort of your own home to beat the stress of city living.


Back in the day, home workouts were done on the living room carpet in front of the TV. Legwarmers and leotards were quite possibly involved. With so much now available on line there’s no need for a TV, a DVD player or even a living room. All you need is enough space to stretch out, and a screen or speaker to guide you through the moves and keep you going.

Yoga and pilates are particularly good for home workouts. If you’ve got a little more space, try a hula hoop workout. (Mind those breakables!) If nothing else, it will be good for a laugh.


Ultrafast internet has revolutionised the world of home workouts. A stationary bike, a large tablet and a subscription connects you into a group cycling class, wherever you are. Instructors can still give the personal touch and there’s all the data you could want to record progress.

Similar pieces of tech can connect to treadmills, so runners can also join a class or run through a virtual landscape. Not enough space? Just a wall is enough for a high-tech mirror that shows your instructor as well as your reflection, with audio too. Sounds very ‘Harry Potter’ but it is an American reality and on the way to us.

For somewhat less cash, try virtual personal trainer apps. Add a ‘smart’ kettlebell to select the right weight, and tone up without leaving the room. Amazing.


A clean and tidy living space is a brilliant relaxer and morale booster. It isn’t going to happen by magic, so roll up your sleeves and tackle that dust. Vacuuming burns 175 calories an hour (should you have a house that big…) Ironing does about the same and most of us can probably find plenty to fill that time.

Or get outside and wash your car (or someone else’s). A thorough job will see off 300 calories.

Home is where the heart is – and it can also be the place for stress-busting exercise.

the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.