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Head to the gym for the ultimate stress buster

Head to the gym for the ultimate stress buster

Fast paced city life. 24/7 everything. Always something happening. Most of us wouldn’t be without it. But we could do without the stress of crowds, noise and bustle.

A regular gym visit is a great way of calming urban frazzles, and improving your health and fitness at the same time.  

Why is a gym visit such a good way to deal with urban stress?


Many city gyms are a true urban oasis.  Some are in thick-walled historic venues, some in shiny new buildings. All look to give an atmosphere of cleanliness, calm and concentration on what matters – health.


Summer in the city isn’t always fun. Sweaty public transport, hot pavements, overcrowded offices – it’s not cool in every sense of the word. Air-conditioning is now a standard in modern gyms, and a complete lifesaver on days when you would really love to live by a beach. Escape the city smells for a clean and cool gym. There’s no better encouragement for your workout. Chill out. Literally!


At the opposite end of the weather spectrum are the short dark days of winter. Not everyone finds the pre-Christmas madness fun. It can get annoying for those without families or those who find the endless buy-buy-buy a poor match to environmental concerns. Same in January when the lights and sparkles have gone, and it all just seems a bit of a slog.

Raise your morale and reduce the winter stress with regular gym visits. The studio will be warm and dry (or the pool will be warm and wet!). No-one will be hassling you to buy anything beyond your admission fee.

Stay relaxed and cheerful by keeping those workouts going into January and beyond.

One great big plus of city life is the enormous amount of choice when it comes to gyms. (and many other things) . Grab a Monthly+ Hussle pass and get access to more gyms than you could ever use. Even better, sign up for three months and only pay for two.

Don’t wait any longer – get to the gym and lose the stress.

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.