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Four Cost Effective Alternatives to Hiring a Personal Trainer

Four Cost Effective Alternatives to Hiring a Personal Trainer

In an ideal world, you'd hire a personal trainer and enjoy a 100% personalised and effective workout each time you hit the gym.

In reality, personal trainers can be expensive. Here are 4 PT alternatives to consider:

Invest in a Friend

With the right guidance and support, you and a friend can be each other’s personal trainer. You can spot each other at the squat rack, time each other’s planks and warm up and warm down in tandem to ensure a fully effective workout.

When looking for a gym buddy, try to find someone who has the same level of commitment as you.

Online Training Programmes

It is possible to buy a whole range of online training programmes. Many have subscription fees, others you can buy as a one-off programme and some personal trainers tailor who online programmes too.

Making this investment is often cheaper than full-on one-to-one personal training and you can still carry out the full range of exercises in your chosen gym.


For free resources, it doesn’t get much better than YouTube. Many well-known and recognisable trainers use YouTube to put up workouts or examples of their online programme. There is nothing to stop you using these videos at your local gym and getting a fully effective workout.

There are YouTube workout videos for whole body workouts as well as targeted to specific muscle groups.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Many independent and smaller gyms, as well as self-employed personal trainers, are more than happy to take on small groups of clients.

Get together with a friend or two and share the costs so you can enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer on a small group scale. Semi-private personal training is also sometimes offered on a place by place basis so you would not need to get the group together yourself.

Personal training is an effective way of reaching your fitness and lifestyle goals but it does come at a price. Considering some of these alternatives could be a great idea.


the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.