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Look up ‘February recipes’ and you are likely to find nothing but cake, chocolate and similar sweet treats. Most of us are quite happy with that, but even with the Valentine juggernaut in town we still need something rather more nutritious.

Root vegetables are seasonal staples  for late winter. There’s warming parsnip soup, a great way to get those important white vegetables. However if you are craving some greens, it is still possible –bring on the kale!

Green, tasty and full of vitamins and minerals, this versatile leaf is a great antidote for the dull February days. It is also a good source of calcium, anti-oxidants and folate. You’ll find kale either bagged in the supermarket or sold loose on fresh produce stalls.

Here’s a simple ‘fusion-food’ stir fry recipe to make the most of this winter delight. This set of flavours blend beautifully and the chilli adds just a tiny kick.  Spinach, spring greens or Swiss chard are an alternative when they come into season. Add yellow peppers for a splash of colour or other veg if you fancy.


400 grams of prepared kale, or 800g loose kale (sounds like a lot but it shrinks)

200 grams feta cheese, crumbled

1 onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped

1 tin anchovies, chopped

1 tsp chilli flakes

Olive oil

Noodles or rice to serve


  1. Boil the kettle and start the rice cooking. If using noodles, do this at the end as they cook so quickly.
  2. If the kale is loose, wash it thoroughly and remove any tough stems. Chop it up if needed.
  3. Open the anchovies and pour off the oil into a frying pan, adding another couple of teaspoons of oil. Heat for a minute and then add the chilli flakes. Stir fry for a minute – careful as they burn easily.
  4. Add the onion and garlic and cook until softened.
  5. Add the kale and stir until it starts to wilt – it doesn’t need much cooking and will reduce greatly in volume. Make sure you don’t overcook it.
  6. Add the cheese and anchovies and mix well.
  7. Serve up the rice or noodles, top with the kale mixture and enjoy.


the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.