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Easy Ways to Control Calories

Easy Ways to Control Calories

The human body is very efficient at storing calories, as anyone trying to lose weight knows. Exercise is definitely important, but weight control is also down to food intake. If your belt is getting tighter, it is time for action before things get out of control.

This doesn’t mean that life has to be ruled by calorie counting.

Try these five ideas for painless calorie reduction:


If you like your tea or coffee sweetened, start training yourself to reduce the sugar. Either use sweeteners or just keep trying. After a while you may find that you prefer the sugar-free taste.


Restaurant portions have become ever larger, and many of us have a tendency to serve too much at home. Couple this with the desire to avoid food waste, and it is very easy to end up eating too much.

Order less, or simply put less on your plate. Savour that, and then wait ten minutes to see if you really are still hungry.


There are a lot of hidden calories out there. Be aware that low-fat foods have extra sugar added to improve the taste. Consider switching to the full-fat version and eating a smaller portion. Also watch out for those smoothies and ‘health’ drinks – they can also contain a big sugar dose.


We all need protein to build and maintain muscle. Protein-packed meals are also very filling, so tend to give more satisfaction for the calories. Don’t be afraid of eggs, white meat, nuts and dairy to get your protein.


Snacking while on the move, eating in front of the telly or eating at our desks is the new normal. This often means that we don’t notice our food. That’s no way to treat your nutrition.

The answer? Turn off the distractions, move away from the desk and take notice of the taste and texture of your meal.

Not too painful, was it? Enjoy the right amount of good food, add some exercise that you like and you’ll find that a healthy lifestyle is still fun!

the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.